The Prospect of T8 LED Light Tube

LED lighting is a leading resource for sustainable, energy-efficient LED lighting products to meet the needs of business, commercial and residential clients.

Now more and more T8 LED lights tubes are used in our lives. Regardless of its ubiquity, the T8 LED light tube is designed for general lighting of the house is still quite new. Most homes have a traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes, and about 25 % of the total energy consumption for lighting is wasteful.

T8 LED Tube

T8 LED light tube is the first commercially available device in laboratory tests, and the basic design of the LED is low, high capacity and custom designed. Compared with fluorescent and incandescent lamps, T8 LED light tube is about a tenth less energy consumption. Lights continue to go up to 50 times longer than conventional bulbs, and give 50,000 hours versus 5,000 hours for compact fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps. The LED of T8 LED light tube is more compact and more durable.

LED tubes are impressive fixtures ideal for lighting any large workspace including warehouses, gymnasiums, machine shops, or any other high-ceiling building. What makes these T8 LED fixtures so incredible is their versatility. Users can swap out LED tubes at anytime, which will not be very often with the long life of LEDs.