Disadvantages of the Solar Street Light

In recent years, energy saving and emission reduction has been advocated by our country. The street light is basic facility is our daily life, and now the solar street light factory of Henan responds to the call and the solar street lights have been installed in most of the districts of Henan. When referring to energy saving, the solar street light has absolute advantage, but there is no perfect products, and the solar street light has its disadvantages. A professional solar street light manufacturer and supplier, will analyze the disadvantages of solar street light from the aspects of cost, energy efficiency conversion rate, light efficiency, service time, anti-theft and pollution toward environment.

Solar Street Light
1. Expensive cost
The cost on a normal solar street light is about 2000 yuan, and the money is mainly spent on the solar energy system, which includes the solar panel, solar battery, and the controller. The cost of the solar street light is almost 2 to 4 times of that of the traditional street light of the same power.
2. Low energy conversion rate
Although the solar street light cost is expensive, the quality is not that good. Now the conversion rate of the solar panel is low. The conversion rate of the monocrstalline silicon is around 25% theoretically, however, that can only be 15% to 19% or even lower for the influence of the shelter of the buildings.
3. Easy to be disturbed by the external
For the solar street light absorbs solar energy into electric energy, the climate of the installation site may influence the electric energy storage and working of the solar street light directly. The solar radiation time, aerial dust, and continuous rainy or cloudy days may also influence the working condition of the solar street light. If it cannot absorb solar energy for a long time, the light will out of work quickly. What’s worse, if the solar street light works in abnormal limit, the service time of the solar street light will decrease greatly.
4. Narrow light efficiency range, and uneven illuminance
The LED illuminating devices produced in China almost all have the disadvantage of narrow light efficiency range and uneven illuminance, for the not well developed technology. The cost of the foreign lighting devices are expensive, which is not available. For the narrow countryside roads with low requirement on light, the solar street light with small power can satisfy the needs of illumination. However, for the city streets with high require on lighting, the solar street light exists the disadvantage of narrow light cover range and uneven illuminance.
5. Short service time
The battery and controller is expensive, and the battery is not durable, which should be changed regularly. And the service time of the controller is usually 3 years, which is not reliable. Most of the solar street lights installed in the main streets of the cities uses the energy supply mode of double energy source of city electric energy supply and accumulator supply, which increase the cost on management.
6. Pollution from the lead-acid battery
Now many suppliers adopts lead-acid battery, which is composed by lead, sulfuric acid and other mental and plastics, for the solar street light to decrease the cost. But there are a lot of lead in the acid liquor in the used batteries, and random emission will not only pollute soil and water, but break the ecological balance and cause metabolic or neurologic disease. But the recycling of the used battery in our country is in the condition of disorder, so the used lead-acid battery is going to pollute our living environment. Even the colloid storage battery is adopted, the pollution will exist, too.

Development of Solar Street Lights in China

The improvement of the building of urbanization promotes the development of lighting projects, which makes the solar street lights complete the role transition from function to decoration. The solar street lights not only play the role of illuminating facilities on the roads, but beautify the cities.

Solar Street Lights in China

For most of the street lights in cities were produced with low standards and have worked for a long period. In addition, the light posts were corroded seriously and the light given out is weak, which not only influence the safety of citizens, but bring security problems. The municipal administration will replace the old street lights with the advanced solar street lights instead, which can not only meet the needs of energy-saving and environmentally protection and improve the intensity of illumination, but provide convenience for people going out at night.

The installation quantity of solar street light of China has increased gradually in recent years. According to the preliminary measurement, the market size of the solar street light of China has reached 2.3 billion yuan in the year of 2015.

The former high voltage sodium lamps are updated to the energy-saving LED lights, which brings energy-saving and high-efficient road illuminating. Compared with the high voltage sodium lamps, the solar street lights have good illuminating effect and lower capacity. So on the basis of same electric capacity, the solar street light will be brighter.

As the new generation of green illumination facility, the solar street lights have been applied all over the world. With the recovery of global economy, the solar street light will be the high-efficient illuminating facility with broad development prospect.