Attractive Outdoor Neon Tube Light

It’s very pleasant to go for a walk in the nearby square at a summer night after dinner. There you can have a feast for so many attractive and inviting neon lights, like colorful spring flowers blossoming in your garden. We provide you a large number of good quality and luxuriant in design outdoor neon tube light for different commercial use.

Neon Tube Light

The outdoor neon tube light plays a vital role in many commercial places such as bars, KTV, Cafes, star hotels to create a luxuriant and splendid atmosphere. It can also improve the grade and add special glamour to the place. Our outdoor neon tube lighting products are of good quality because they are UL and CE certified. They can be fixed on the wall or hung in the air. Besides, their light is multi-colored includes white, red, yellow, blue, purple and green.

Most importantly, they are waterproof and snow-proof that you don’t have to worry about the rainy and snow-flying days. Their packaging materials are of good quality and strong that they are suitable for long transportation. Considerate good after sale service is also offered to you. We are XingGuang, a reliable manufacturer of different kinds of outdoor neon tube lights. If you have are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.