Environmental Safety of LED Tube Lighting

Nowadays, more and more consumers buy LED tube lighting, and they are unhappy with fluorescent bulbs, because of their tendency to flicker when being powered on and at the end of their life span, there are environmental issues that also enter into the equation. The reason they are so bad for the environment is that they contain mercury. Scientists have been aware of this for years, but it is doubtful that anyone anticipated quite the impact having millions of mercury containing bulbs in the world, could pose to the environment.

Does LED tube lighting flicker? Yes, they do flicker, but at a rate that is so fast, the human eye is unable to detect it. However, there is LED tube lighting that is manufactured to flicker or aesthetic reasons, and not through any manufacturing defect. Fluorescent lights are known to flicker annoyingly, yet that is the least of the dangers they pose. Toxic metals pose a far greater threat in fluorescent bulbs. Neither LED tube lighting flicker nor contain hazardous substances. In both respects, they are the better.

Therefore, LED tube lighting is now built with filters that help even out the amount of electrical current that are being generated to them. The effect is a flicker that is so steady and so fast that it cannot be detected with the naked eye. Before being installed, LED tube lighting was known to flicker a little bit with each fluctuation of electric current they received. Nowadays, LED tube lighting is as reliable as any other form of light bulb, and is far better for the environment.

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A Brief History of LED Tube

To fully understand why are LED tube lights so beneficial, we need to know about the history of lighting. From everything to the home lights and large commercial lighting, we see new innovations regularly in the marketplace. LED tube is important to our modern way of life and we also depend on it for safety. Because of this, LED tube lighting has changed a lot over time and the types of lighting we now have today in our modern times are different than those of the past. With LED technology development, we see more advanced technologies of our lighting but it’s all based on those simple beginnings.

LED tube light

Early sources of light included fire and lanterns and then less primitive methods were created that more closely resembled what we are used to today. People did not have electricity in their homes and businesses like we do today. New strides have been made in the industry to create LED tube lighting that is more energy efficient.

LED tube lighting came along as a great alternative to indoor lighting for many people. We saw them in offices, in kitchens, in bathrooms and more. But as times continued to change and technology advanced, we see even better lighting. Now UL LED tube lights have replaced incandescent and fluorescent lights in most places.