FAQ about LED Tube Lights

1. Are there only two kinds of working voltages (110v and 220v) for LED tubes? can we use other working voltages?
Some LED tube lights can work within the range in 85-265 VAC, 277V AC, DC 24V, If you need a different operating voltage, please contact us.

2. What are the advantages of LED tube lights compared with conventional incandescent lights?
There are several obvious advantages of LED tube lights have over traditional incandescent lights, they are as follows:
• Low power consumption – energy saving;
• Long lasting,
• Cold lighting,
• Ruggedness,
• Small size and light in weight,
• Fast switch times,
• Simple to use.

3. LED tube T5, T8, T12, What do they mean?
Actually, T stands for the diameter of the LED tube, and each T represents one-eighth inch. So T8, the most familiar LED tube to us, is one inch (eight times one-eighth inch) in diameter. One inch equals 25.4mm. Therefore, the diameter of T8 is 25.4mm. T12 means that the diameter of fluorescent tube is 12 / 8 inches. The diameter of T5 LED tubes is 0.625 inches.
T12 Diameter of 38.1 mm
T10 Diameter of 31.8 mm
T8 diameter of 25.4 mm
T5 diameter of 16 mm
T4 diameter of 12.7 mm

4. What do “cool white” and “warm white” mean, and what is CCT of LED tubes?
The Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) is given in the description of each of our LED tubes. The color (CCT) of our LED tubes ranges from a warm yellow white (2700K) to a cool blue white (7500K).

6. Are white LED tubes dimmable?
Dimming LED tubes depends on the design of the product, Since LED tubes are current driven devices, and it is not advisable to lower the voltage in order to dim a tube. Dimming does not lower the lamp life of the LED tubes and can often increase it.

7. Q: Do LED Tubes contain hazardous chemicals?
A: LED tubes contain no hazardous chemicals. It is a little-known fact that many Fluorescent tubes contain Mercury and Phosphor. If a tube is broken, the potential for poisoning exists, especially if proper clean up procedures are not followed. Because of the relatively short life of fluorescent tubes, their collective impact on the environment can be significant.

4. Q: Do LED Tubes flicker or emit ultra violet?
A: LED Tubes do not flicker. The light emitted by an LED tube is very stable and produces no side effects. The “color” of LED tubes is 5000K to 6000K.
LED tubes do not emit ultraviolet. The level of UV emitted by most fluorescent tubes is so low as to be irrelevant. Tests indicate that 8 hours of exposure to the UV light emitted by a fluorescent tube is the equivalent to two minutes of midday sun.

9. Q: What are your payment options?
A: T/T in advanced or 30% deposit and 70% balance paid before shipment.

10. Q: What is the delivery time of the LED tubes?
A: 7 wording days for sample order; usually within three week on receipt of payment.
7-15 working days for formal order below 1,000pcs.
20 working days for order above 1,000pcs.

11. Q: what is the warranty on the LED tubes products?
A: We low-carbon lighting provide 3 years warranty for our LED products.

12. Q: What should I do if your LED tubes do not perform up to bar?
A: Please give us a detailed report; we will analyze and solve the problem of the failure products immediately.

Cost of LED Tube Lights vs Conventional Fluorescent Lights

When comparing the upfront cost of LED tube lights to conventional fluorescent lights, the fluorescent lights are the winner. However, when you consider volume discounts and the lifespan of LEDs, the results will lean the opposite direction.

Conventional fluorescent lights are cheap in the first year. However, when you account for product longevity, LED tube lights are the winner. LED tube lights last an average of 50,000 hours, while conventional fluorescent lights last an average of 17,000 hours.

Using prices from our previous example, in the first year it will cost $2,750 for the energy and initial purchase of 40 LED tubes. However, conventional fluorescent lights would cost $1,056. Every year thereafter, the energy costs of LED tube lights will be $235, while $465 for the fluorescent lights. In the eighth year, the fluorescent bulbs will need to be replaced at a cost of $240.

At last, you will find a little different in the numbers. That’s because we have included an annual energy inflation rate of 4%. We also used a 1.5% inflation rate to calculate the cost of LED tube lights in the eighth year. Therefore, we only used a 5% discount rate to determine the net present value.

Choose The Suitable LED T5 Tubes for Your Home

Nowadays, LED T5 tubes are considered as the most energy efficient lighting, due to intense research and innumerable experiments of LED, so LED tubes are widely available in market with different options. LED T5 tubes are used in lots areas. You can find them nearly in any lighting area. Therefore, if you want to buy LED T5 tubes, you have to make your choice from their perspectives of brightness, color, power and viewing angles.

Unlike conventional fluorescent, LED tube lighting can produce excellent level of brightness in different areas. Therefore, while picking the best option of LED tube lighting, you have to make sure about the shape and inherent character of the area where the lighting arrangement is to be done using LED tube lighting.

On the other hand, you should choose the right LEDlight before purchasing because they’re just highly efficient and also can work for a long time. The LED tube lights provide you great brightness and clarity that are definitely why these types of days they’re just being used as signals and even traffic lights. A different advantage from the LEDs can be that they emit the light in one direction only which creates perfect for the floodlights.

As every manufacturer claims best performance, its impossible for the layman to judge the quality. So a thumb rule, go for the tube light with Metal base,You can certainly go with the packing where the maker boldly displays his company name, address & contact details, in short one who is sure of his quality.

Lastly, the fitting of the LED tube lights are important issue. Therefore, when you pick up the right option of LED tube lighting, you should make sure the fitting can meet demand different needs, otherwise the beauty and boldness of lights are difficult to enjoy in its fullest extent.

All our T5 tubes come with Frosted covers. Unlike Clear covers, Frosted covers disperse uniform light, making them qualitatively superior to the Clear covers. If for any reason you require Clear covers, please contact us. Subject to stock availablity.

The Advantages of Blue LED Tube Lights

These are our high quality blue LED tube lights, which are the ideal replacement for your light system in conventional. Higher brightness levels, greater efficiency and energy saving levels, thus reducing carbon footprints & reducing energy costs, etc.
Blue LED Tube Lights
Our blue LED tube lights are able to achieve much fancy changes, such as chasing, glittering, shading, jumping and so on. Different tubes can be combined together to display pictures and characters. Its great functions with soft light, vivid color, static and dynamic combination, attractive changes, novel design can play decorative and ornamental effects for the back ground and landscape. And it can be used at both indoor and outdoor, which makes it widely applied for many places.

The following are the advantages of blue LED tube lights:
Energy Efficient
One of the biggest advantages of blue LED tube lights is significantly reduced energy bills. Most energy used by the LED is converted into light, not heat. Traditional lighting is relatively inefficient due to the large amounts of heat generated in the production of light.

Maintenance Free
Long life and durable construction reduces time and money needed to maintain LED. This makes blue LED tube lights ideal for applications where maintenance expenses are excessive. Office buildings, sky scrapers or difficult to reach installations are perfect for blue LED tube lights. Maintenance issues are often significant factors for any lighting system LED options can virtually eliminate this factor

Durable and shock resistant
LEDs contain no fragile filaments or gas filled tubes, this makes blue LED tube lights extremely robust. LEDs do not suddenly burn out, and are of robust design. This makes LED Lighting ideal for use in high risk areas such as basketball courts, security lighting and many other applications.

LED Tube Light Fixture Installation

One of our most popular products are LED tube light fixture to replace fluorescent tubes. They cut energy use in half and have over twice the life of standard T8 LED tubes. One of our coolest projects currently involves dimming LED tubes on a production line. This post is about installing LED tubes in fluorescent fixtures.

We recommend an electrician or professional do the installation. It is relatively simple and safe for them to install the LED tube light fixture! The following are the steps for standard, double end power installations:

Turn off circuit going to fixture. Unplug or turn off breaker.

Locate ballast, cut wires from the one end. We suggest the end that is closest to where the AC power will be entering the fixture.

Each socket on the fixture has two same color wires: cut all 4 of the wires. Give yourself enough wire to be able to connect it to the entering AC power wire – one wire from each socket will go to “Line” and other one to “Neutral”.

LED Tube Light Installation

Use wire nuts to cover exposed end of any wires and connect line and neutral wires. Ground can be connected to fixture screw or capped off.

When wiring is completed, one side will be the AC input side and the other side will have no electric current traveling to it. You have the option of taking out the ballast completely or leaving it inside fixture.

Close fixture and find your AC Input side to LED tube lamp.

Power must be applied to the end cap labeled “AC INPUT”. Applying power to wrong end will cause a direct short of the AC power when turned on.

When the AC input side is attached to the AC power side on fixture, you are ready to go. Turn power circuit back on from breaker.

Before inserting the LED tube light fixture, you should make sure the LED tube light fixture has live end matched each other. Most of our tubes fall under the double end power installations. For more information, please refer to our installation guide attached.

Benefits of LED Tube Light

Most individuals are searching for methods to enhance the environment. The experts are attempting to create a choice to the fluorescent tube lighting. This lighting is quickly getting altered with LED tube lighting that may be an amazing offer more cost effective and environmental friendly.

Reduce energy consumption by up to 50%
You can replace a 36W T8 fluorescent tube light with 18W T8 LED tube and still enjoy the same levels of brightness.

T8 LED Tube

More lighting coverage
The LED tube features an extra- wide 200° beam angle.

Long life-span
Made to last up to 30,000 hours.

Create a tailored lighting scheme
Choose from Warm White (2700K), Daylight (4000K) and Cool White (6500K) colour options, so you can create the perfect lighting scheme that suits your demands.
Fluorescent tubes have been used in homes and offices for many years. This really is on account of the reality which they are an amazing offer more cost effective than incandescent bulbs. Additionally LED tube lighting can give away an amazing offer better lamination than common lights.

However, there are many problems with fluorescent light. The ballast and plugs for this lighting should be wired into a house or office. It is quite complicated to replace the lighting largely because using the ballast and plugs which could be employed for this LED tube light. The LED tube light has been produced for getting a drop-in alternative to the fluorescent bulb. A specific person will can be found throughout that it is quite effortless to replace their fluorescent lights with the LED tube lgiht.

Advantages of Using LED Tube Lights

1, Low power consumption and long life time
The lifetime of LED tube lights is usually 10 to 15 years which is three times the life of current technologies adopted. The LED’s also have low maintenance cost which brings more benefits to you.

2, High color rendering
The color rendering index is the ability of a light source to correctly reproduce the colors of the objects in comparison to the normal light source.

T8 LED Tube
T8 LED Tube

3, Time-saving
Unlike flourescent bulbs which take time to heat up once switched on LED tube lights turn on instantly. LED’s don’t have problem with hot ignition

4, RoHS complaint free
LED tube lights do not contain Hg/Pb and do not emit poisonous gases

5, Less attraction to nocturnal insects
Insects are sensitive to the UV-blue and green region of the light spectrum. Nocturnal insects are attracted to the emission of UV-blue and green light from conventional light sources. White LED tube lights, however, emit light in a small peak in the blue range and smaller in the green range, so nocturnal insects are less attracted to such light sources.

6, Easy to design non glare lighting equipment
Most LED tube lights are designed to cast its light in a rectangular pattern, compared to traditional lights, which typically have a reflector on the back side of a high-pressure sodium lamp. In this case much of the luminance of the light is lost and produces light pollution in the air and surrounding environment.

A List of Six Points You Should Know before Buying LED Tube Light

There are thousands of LED tube lights in the lighting market, made by various manufacturers and featured of different specifications, prices, and applications. When buying LED tube light, what we should take into consideration? An insider gives us a list of six points you should know.

1. Luminous efficiency
Generally speaking, the fluorescent lights we use in our daily life has a luminous efficiency ranges from 55 lm/w to 80 lm/w. However, luminous efficiency of LED light reaches over 100lm/w. Buy LED tube light with a high luminous efficiency is your first choice.

2. Lighting angle
Most of LED tube light emits light at 120 degrees around its self, all of which is effective light. It can be adjusted according to your specific needs. Before buying LED tube light, we need have a clear realization of the lighting angle we need in order to get our ideal lighting effect.

lighting angle

3. Work Efficiency of Power
Work efficiency of power has a impact on the whole light efficiency since all lights expect incandescent light lamp are supplied by specific power.

4. Lifetime
The outstanding feature of LED tube light is indubitable long rated life. That’s why many consumers replace conventional light of LED tube light. Lifetime of a good quality LED tube light reaches up to over 50,000 hours. The long lifetime reflects its great raw material and high technology, and vice versa.

5. Color Temperature Rang
The wider color temperature ranges, the greater adjustability it has. LED tube light having a wide color temperature rang can be largely adjusted to meet your individual needs.

6. Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Color rendering index of conventional LED tube light is more than 80. The one of incandescent light is 95. The higher color rendering index is, the superior light it emits.