The Advantages of Blue LED Tube Lights

These are our high quality blue LED tube lights, which are the ideal replacement for your light system in conventional. Higher brightness levels, greater efficiency and energy saving levels, thus reducing carbon footprints & reducing energy costs, etc.
Blue LED Tube Lights
Our blue LED tube lights are able to achieve much fancy changes, such as chasing, glittering, shading, jumping and so on. Different tubes can be combined together to display pictures and characters. Its great functions with soft light, vivid color, static and dynamic combination, attractive changes, novel design can play decorative and ornamental effects for the back ground and landscape. And it can be used at both indoor and outdoor, which makes it widely applied for many places.

The following are the advantages of blue LED tube lights:
Energy Efficient
One of the biggest advantages of blue LED tube lights is significantly reduced energy bills. Most energy used by the LED is converted into light, not heat. Traditional lighting is relatively inefficient due to the large amounts of heat generated in the production of light.

Maintenance Free
Long life and durable construction reduces time and money needed to maintain LED. This makes blue LED tube lights ideal for applications where maintenance expenses are excessive. Office buildings, sky scrapers or difficult to reach installations are perfect for blue LED tube lights. Maintenance issues are often significant factors for any lighting system LED options can virtually eliminate this factor

Durable and shock resistant
LEDs contain no fragile filaments or gas filled tubes, this makes blue LED tube lights extremely robust. LEDs do not suddenly burn out, and are of robust design. This makes LED Lighting ideal for use in high risk areas such as basketball courts, security lighting and many other applications.