Solar Synchronized Road Studs

The solar synchronized road studs, which can also be called solar synchronized raised road markers or solar co-frequency road stud, refers to the solar road studs installed flickering in the same frequency, and work synchronized in the unity condition. And the Bluetooth synchronized solar road stud is one kind of the solar synchronized road studs. The Bluetooth synchronized solar road stud, which is also called Bluetooth solar co-frequency road stud, refers to the solar road studs installed separated which flash in the same frequency. It can delineate the way and the obstacles on the ground in the best visual effect. For the Bluetooth synchronized solar road studs work in the same flashing mode, they are always applied in the edge lines of the road, around the green belt and the obstacles, which are an effective technology method to beautify the cities, and they can also guide the drivers in fog weather conditions.

Solar Synchronized Road Studs
Specification for Bluetooth Synchronized Solar Road Stud
1.Material: Aluminium(GB-ADC-12)+PC(Japan Brand)
2.Lens: PMMA(ASTM D4280 & EN1463-1 standard)
3.Power supply: USA Brand High Efficient Solar Panel 5V/60MA
4.Battery: Lithium battery(3.2V/500mah)
(1):Communication frequency: 2.4G HZ
(2):Communication mode: Duplex
(3):Receive sensitivity: -92db
(4)Communication distance: Above 10m
(5)Stand-by power consumption: 2ma@3V
6.Working model: Synchronized flashing(2Hz)
7.Working hours: 55hours after fully charged
8.Installation distance:4M
9.Resistance: 30T
10.Water proof: IP68
11.Life span: 5Years

The Control Technology of Solar Synchronized Road Studs

The control technologies applied to the wireless solar road studs and the ones with wire are different.

Under the condition of wireless, the technologies adopted to the solar synchronized road studs are mainly: closed-loop control technology, interlocking technology, and short period embedded control technology.

Closed-loop control technology refers to the technology that a wireless master control emitter is set, and a receiver is installed in the solar synchronized road studs, which can control the solar road studs in its coverage area can work synchronized through the control of the wireless emitter, and the radius of this control technology can be in the range of 50 to 150m. It is expensive and difficult to reach the aim of making the solar road studs work synchronized within long distance. In addition, it is enslaved to the wireless frequency resources and the transmitted power of the mater controlled emitter.

The second advanced technology for the solar synchronized road studs uses the interlocking technology, which can locking the working condition of the solar synchronized road studs through interlocking. This type of solar synchronized road studs needs the interlocking period of 2 to 3 minutes when start-up, and it can maintain the synchronized condition if it is weighted interlocked. This technology can realize the chain-synchronized within the apparent distance, and there is no need for external control facilities. There is no demand for the distance of synchronized work for the solar road studs, and it can be installed in long distance. According to the actual measurement, the deviation for 24 hours is less than 50ms in the distance of 10 miles.

Short period embedded control technology is the latest control technology for the solar synchronized road studs, and it is the best technology nowadays. It uses the preset short period embedded control technology to start-up the built-in short period synchronized control method to realize high-precision synchronized work for the solar road studs installed dispersed. The deviation for 24 hours is usually less than 10ms and there is no distance require for this technology. It can realized long distance installation in the most convenient condition and there is no difference with the installation of the ordinary solar road studs. For the short period embedded control technology can realized the change of color, the adjustment of flicking period and brightness on the spot, which is unimaginable in previous times.

The other kind of solar synchronized road stud has wires, which can be called active solar road stud. It is connected through wires and the battery and circuitry can be changed, which has strong pressure resistance and stability and long service time.

 Application of the Solar Synchronized Road Studs

The solar synchronized road studs are widely applied all over the world for its advanced technology. Here an example of application will be introduced.

The crossing of the Fifth Ring Square of Linkonggang Avenue in Dong Xihu District locates in the arterial road of Dong xihu District, and the traffic flow of this crossing is not that heavy if compared with other roads with heavy traffic flow, however, there are many pedestrians who want to go across the road and the visibility is not good at night, this crossing become a black-spot. In order to solve this condition, a set of intelligent zebra crossing system is installed in the Linkonggang Avenue of Dong xihu District, and it can give pre-warning when vehicles passing, and the road studs on the zebra crossing will flashing when people go across the road. The vehicles will be pictured by the HD video camera if the vehicles cut in the road with pedestrians. If there are cars approaching, the system will warn that “A car is coming, please take care.” This is the first intelligent zebra crossing in Wuhan. According to the traffic management department, this system suits the crossing with small traffic flow and without traffic lights.

The head of the Order Division of the Traffic Brigade of the Dong xihu District says that this intelligent zebra crossing combines several intelligent technology like earth induction, video test, flashing road studs, scrolling display and voice prompt. The earth induction will send information to the control system and the voice prompt will warn to pedestrians if a vehicle comes to the places 50 meters ahead them. If the pedestrian or non-motor vehicles go across the road, the video test system will sent information to the flashing road studs through the control system and the road studs will flashing and become a warning light belt.
According to the introduction, once the vehicle with high speed and does not give way to pedestrians who are passing the intelligent zebra crossing, the earth induction system will start up the aerial video probe to obtain evidence, and the traffic police will punish the illegal vehicles according to the evidence. This system is installed in the beginning of this month, and until now, over 20 vehicle cutting in the road are photographed and those pictures will be displayed on the screens of the crossing. The pedestrian will be dragged into blacklist if he/she is photographed to run the red light for 3 times. The video storage device inside the system can not only supervise the illegal behaviors, but provide low basis for the traffic officers.