Are LED Tube Lamps Proper Replacements for Conventional Lights?

Generally speaking, LED tube lamps are proper replacements for conventional lights, because brightness is an important factor, as we previously mentioned. According to a relevant survey, the brightness of LED tube lamps can reach up to replacement specifications.

led tube lighting

Firstly, in terms of color rendering, the CRI of LED lighting is not as high as that of conventional lights. While LED products from the major brands do not match conventional lights in terms of CRI, they still meet various national standards.

Secondly, the beam angle is another important standard. Looking at things from conventional lights standpoint, most LED products are not up to par as the light distribution of conventional lights is general and non-directional. As LED tube lamps are inherently directional, a different standard is required for measuring LED beam angle. The lifespan of a single incandescent bulb is 1,000 hours. However, the lifespan of LED tube lamps can reach up to 50,000 hours. Looking at it from a different angle, the lifespan of a single LED tube lamp is equal to that of twenty-five conventional lights.

While many manufacturers claim that their LED tube lamps are proper substitutes for conventional lights. Actually, there are few products that meet replacement standards. With the development of the LED technology, LED tube lamps still come out on top in regards to cost-performance ratio.