Benefits of LED Tube Light

Most individuals are searching for methods to enhance the environment. The experts are attempting to create a choice to the fluorescent tube lighting. This lighting is quickly getting altered with LED tube lighting that may be an amazing offer more cost effective and environmental friendly.

Reduce energy consumption by up to 50%
You can replace a 36W T8 fluorescent tube light with 18W T8 LED tube and still enjoy the same levels of brightness.

T8 LED Tube

More lighting coverage
The LED tube features an extra- wide 200° beam angle.

Long life-span
Made to last up to 30,000 hours.

Create a tailored lighting scheme
Choose from Warm White (2700K), Daylight (4000K) and Cool White (6500K) colour options, so you can create the perfect lighting scheme that suits your demands.
Fluorescent tubes have been used in homes and offices for many years. This really is on account of the reality which they are an amazing offer more cost effective than incandescent bulbs. Additionally LED tube lighting can give away an amazing offer better lamination than common lights.

However, there are many problems with fluorescent light. The ballast and plugs for this lighting should be wired into a house or office. It is quite complicated to replace the lighting largely because using the ballast and plugs which could be employed for this LED tube light. The LED tube light has been produced for getting a drop-in alternative to the fluorescent bulb. A specific person will can be found throughout that it is quite effortless to replace their fluorescent lights with the LED tube lgiht.

How to Choose the Dimmable LED Tube

Dimmable LED tube has recently become among the leaders in sustainable, energy-efficient, sturdy lighting. As technology has superior, its application has expanded from flashlights to contain interior lighting, landscape lighting and more.

Dimmable LED Tube

In order to meet customer demand, you’ll be able to now purchase dimmable LED tube within the same styles that you simply can buy you a lot more standard incandescent bulbs, which means which you do not must handle the unsightliness of numerous compact fluorescent light bulbs. Whilst you might not need an electrician to trade out your old bulbs with more efficient LED tubes, you could wish to get in touch if you want to install new lights or fixtures.

The greatest advantage of dimmable LED tube will be the reality that they’ve a much extended lifespan and reduced power consumption. To be able to correctly understand this, we must examine LEDs against other light bulb technologies. An incandescent bulb, for instance, will normally last for all around 1,000 hrs. A compact fluorescent bulb can final for about 8,000 hours. An LED bulb, alternatively, will function for up to 50,000 hours. This can be a very significant boost above the two incandescent and compact fluorescent technologies. Dimmable LED tube lights are also free of mercury, which is now a point of contention relating to CFLs.

Furthermore to lasting longer, dimmable LED tube lights are also a lot a lot more effective than other light bulb technologies. Due to this, they give off much less heat and consume significantly much less power than other lights. Consequently, there are numerous applications, which you are able to discuss with a neighborhood electrician, which are perfect for dimmable LED tube.

XingGuang – One of LED Tube Lighting Suppliers

XingGuang is one of the professional LED tube lighting suppliers and manufacturer with R & D, manufacturing, sales and service, with ISO9001:2008 quality system certification and CE, RoHs, FCC, UL approved.

Our Main Products include T5, 8, 10 LED Tube Lighting with CE, RoHs approved for European and UL T8 for USA Market.

As a LED tube lighting suppliers, we have pay more attention to Energy saving LED Tube light products, we plan to be one of the largest LED tube lighting suppliers in China, Our LED Tube lights adopt SMD 3528 or 5050 LED as a light source. It gives even illumination, wide projection distance, and low decay. Its weight is light and volume is small. Long lifespan and pollution free even if broken. It can be used as a growth lamp.

led tube lighting

We always pay attention to customers’requirements and new products development. Clients are welcome to buy our standard LED Tube Lighting Products, you will be impressed by our reliable quality and competitive prices, We sell all over the world, our quality has earned us many repeat customers. You can find our agency in your location for the sales, service and technical support!

As one of the best LED tube lighting suppliers, we have established good business relationship with American, Japanese and Taiwanese suppliers. We offer excellent products to our customers by advanced production technology and strict quality-control system. Our service has been highly recognized by customers from Europe, North America and Australia for outstanding product quality, punctual delivery and responsive after service.

We consider high quality, fast delivery, competitive price as our business principal. Therefore, most of our customers consider us as a reliable supplier and business partner in China and we always enjoy having a good reputation in the international markets.

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High quality factory directly sale energy saving T8 LED tube lights

XingGuang is producing energy saving T8 LED tube lights, which give off as much light as 100-watt conventional bulbs and consume 20 watts of power. The energy saving T8 LED tube lights will be rated at 1,500 lumens and an efficiency of almost 75 lumens per watt.

The energy saving T8 LED tube lights give off light evenly. The light sources give off directional light, making them very good for home using, and now manufacturers are designing new lights to disperse light more in all directions. The energy saving T8 LED tube lights will have a rated life of 50,000 hours, nearly about 17 years with 8 hours of daily use. The color rendering index is 80 and the color temperature is 2,700K.

T8 LED Tube Light

Lighting manufacturers are seeking to boost the brightness and light quality of energy saving T8 LED tube lights to make them attractive alternatives to incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs.

Production capacity
1. We have unique professional R&D, production,quality control teams.
2.With imported advanced machine for LED encapsulation, SMD and reflow soldering.
3. Professional production workers: about 500 persons.
4. Production line: 8 lines.
5. Month production capacity is 50000pcs LED tube.

Development Trend of T8 LED Tube Light Price

As we all know, many consumers are prevented from being the initial beneficiary of LED technology by its unaffordable price, which is several times as the conventional incandescent light. Besides, many consumers are suspicious about its features. All of these factors are key obstacles of its popularity in the lighting field. The decreasing price of T8 LED tube light, a universal light in the market will accelerate its sale volume in the home lighting field. With the mature of lighting technology, T8 LED light will take the domain position in the future.

T8 LED Tube Light

A manage of lighting department in XingGuang said that LED tube light would be consumers’ first choice with its affordable price. There are lots of potential consumers interested in this new lighting technology. While most of them prevented by its high price. A market research shows that only 4% interested consumers replace their traditional fluorescent light with LED tube light. Price of T8 LED tube light is unaffordable for 71.4% potential consumers.

In a word, the popularity of LED light in the home lighting and commercial lighting relays on the positive government policy, the gradually mature technology and consumer education. Dropping price of T8 LED tube light is just a beginning.

Advantages of Using LED Tube Lights

1, Low power consumption and long life time
The lifetime of LED tube lights is usually 10 to 15 years which is three times the life of current technologies adopted. The LED’s also have low maintenance cost which brings more benefits to you.

2, High color rendering
The color rendering index is the ability of a light source to correctly reproduce the colors of the objects in comparison to the normal light source.

T8 LED Tube
T8 LED Tube

3, Time-saving
Unlike flourescent bulbs which take time to heat up once switched on LED tube lights turn on instantly. LED’s don’t have problem with hot ignition

4, RoHS complaint free
LED tube lights do not contain Hg/Pb and do not emit poisonous gases

5, Less attraction to nocturnal insects
Insects are sensitive to the UV-blue and green region of the light spectrum. Nocturnal insects are attracted to the emission of UV-blue and green light from conventional light sources. White LED tube lights, however, emit light in a small peak in the blue range and smaller in the green range, so nocturnal insects are less attracted to such light sources.

6, Easy to design non glare lighting equipment
Most LED tube lights are designed to cast its light in a rectangular pattern, compared to traditional lights, which typically have a reflector on the back side of a high-pressure sodium lamp. In this case much of the luminance of the light is lost and produces light pollution in the air and surrounding environment.

A List of Six Points You Should Know before Buying LED Tube Light

There are thousands of LED tube lights in the lighting market, made by various manufacturers and featured of different specifications, prices, and applications. When buying LED tube light, what we should take into consideration? An insider gives us a list of six points you should know.

1. Luminous efficiency
Generally speaking, the fluorescent lights we use in our daily life has a luminous efficiency ranges from 55 lm/w to 80 lm/w. However, luminous efficiency of LED light reaches over 100lm/w. Buy LED tube light with a high luminous efficiency is your first choice.

2. Lighting angle
Most of LED tube light emits light at 120 degrees around its self, all of which is effective light. It can be adjusted according to your specific needs. Before buying LED tube light, we need have a clear realization of the lighting angle we need in order to get our ideal lighting effect.

lighting angle

3. Work Efficiency of Power
Work efficiency of power has a impact on the whole light efficiency since all lights expect incandescent light lamp are supplied by specific power.

4. Lifetime
The outstanding feature of LED tube light is indubitable long rated life. That’s why many consumers replace conventional light of LED tube light. Lifetime of a good quality LED tube light reaches up to over 50,000 hours. The long lifetime reflects its great raw material and high technology, and vice versa.

5. Color Temperature Rang
The wider color temperature ranges, the greater adjustability it has. LED tube light having a wide color temperature rang can be largely adjusted to meet your individual needs.

6. Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Color rendering index of conventional LED tube light is more than 80. The one of incandescent light is 95. The higher color rendering index is, the superior light it emits.

A Brief History of LED Tube

To fully understand why are LED tube lights so beneficial, we need to know about the history of lighting. From everything to the home lights and large commercial lighting, we see new innovations regularly in the marketplace. LED tube is important to our modern way of life and we also depend on it for safety. Because of this, LED tube lighting has changed a lot over time and the types of lighting we now have today in our modern times are different than those of the past. With LED technology development, we see more advanced technologies of our lighting but it’s all based on those simple beginnings.

LED tube light

Early sources of light included fire and lanterns and then less primitive methods were created that more closely resembled what we are used to today. People did not have electricity in their homes and businesses like we do today. New strides have been made in the industry to create LED tube lighting that is more energy efficient.

LED tube lighting came along as a great alternative to indoor lighting for many people. We saw them in offices, in kitchens, in bathrooms and more. But as times continued to change and technology advanced, we see even better lighting. Now UL LED tube lights have replaced incandescent and fluorescent lights in most places.