LED Tube Light Fixture Installation

One of our most popular products are LED tube light fixture to replace fluorescent tubes. They cut energy use in half and have over twice the life of standard T8 LED tubes. One of our coolest projects currently involves dimming LED tubes on a production line. This post is about installing LED tubes in fluorescent fixtures.

We recommend an electrician or professional do the installation. It is relatively simple and safe for them to install the LED tube light fixture! The following are the steps for standard, double end power installations:

Turn off circuit going to fixture. Unplug or turn off breaker.

Locate ballast, cut wires from the one end. We suggest the end that is closest to where the AC power will be entering the fixture.

Each socket on the fixture has two same color wires: cut all 4 of the wires. Give yourself enough wire to be able to connect it to the entering AC power wire – one wire from each socket will go to “Line” and other one to “Neutral”.

LED Tube Light Installation

Use wire nuts to cover exposed end of any wires and connect line and neutral wires. Ground can be connected to fixture screw or capped off.

When wiring is completed, one side will be the AC input side and the other side will have no electric current traveling to it. You have the option of taking out the ballast completely or leaving it inside fixture.

Close fixture and find your AC Input side to LED tube lamp.

Power must be applied to the end cap labeled “AC INPUT”. Applying power to wrong end will cause a direct short of the AC power when turned on.

When the AC input side is attached to the AC power side on fixture, you are ready to go. Turn power circuit back on from breaker.

Before inserting the LED tube light fixture, you should make sure the LED tube light fixture has live end matched each other. Most of our tubes fall under the double end power installations. For more information, please refer to our installation guide attached.