LED Road Stud

With the development of the traffic safety industry, the road studs become normal in our life. The road studs strengthen the visibility at night, and reduce the using of street lamp, which are much more energy saving and environmentally friendly. There are several kinds of road studs, such as the cast aluminum road stud, amber road stud, the solar road studs, the embedded solar stud, and so on. Although the road reflector is a kind of electronic product, the installation and maintaining are quite strict, so if one product has passed the test, the outlook or other conditions of it will not be changed.

Development and use of road studs
With the development of the lighting project in cities, people has paid more attention on the field of road markers, which gives them a chance to be improved. The road markers are not only extend the area of city space, but a way for the cities to show their history, culture, and natural landscape. To beautify the cities and improve the investment and living environment, a large number of road markers are applied in different cities all over the world, which has become a major element to promote the flourish and development of the industry of business and tourism, which has also bring great economic and social benefits to the cities.

The road stud industry has developed rapidly those years, however, energy saving and environmentally friendly should always be the pursuit of this industry. To meet this, a large number of LED solar road studs are used in most part of the world. The solar panel of the road marker absorbs solar energy in daytime, which is transformed into electric energy and stored in the battery inside it, and gives out light to warn pedestrians about the road condition at night. The solar road studs are widely used in different countries, but the development conditions are not the same. For the price of solar road stud is expensive, it is mainly used in cities, which covers only 30% all of China. In America, the government support the use of high-tech products, so the the applying of solar road studs covers 90% of the market, which has the highest popularity rate among the world. In Russia, for the direct lighting time is short, where is not suitable to used the solar products, the solar road studs are not used that wide there. But wind energy is used widely in Russia.

There is data shows that in 2050, about 60% of the total electric energy are produced by solar energy, which will reduce the carbon emission of about 6 billion, thus the future of solar enegy is brilliant.

The LED solar road stud of A1
The road stud is a kind of aluminum road stud which can reduce traffic accidents at intersections of crossings of the road and give guidance and hazard warning at night or bad weathers. The solar panel on it absorbs sunlight in daytime, and transforms the solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the NI-MH battery or Lithum battery inside it, and then gives out light automatically at night. The aluminum shell of the raised pavement marker is much stronger than the traditional road studs.

LED Solar Road Stud A1

Features of the road stud:
– Strong compressive resistance.
– Lower cost than traditional road stud reflectors.
– Visibility is 10 times greater for drivers than glass reflective highway road markers.
– Visible in rainy or foggy days.
– Better water proof performance: IP68.
– Effective additional driver safety when used in conjunction with street light reduction schemes.

LED solar road stud of A6
The solar road stud, which is maintenance-free, is a lighting device powered by solar energy and is used in road construction to delineate the road for motorists. The reflective pavement marker of aluminum shell has strong pressure resistance, and the pressure resistance of A6 is over 20 tons, so it is always installed in the center line of roads. Compared with the plastic road studs, the cast aluminum stud is much more visible in rainy or foggy conditions. The reflective pavement marker has two working method: one is blink and the other is constant lighting, which can satisfy various needs of the users.

LED Solar Road Stud A6

Features of the solar road studs:
– High temperature adaptation, high quality NI-Mh battery.
– Aluminum shell with strong pressure resistance of over 20 tons.
– Inside reflector.
– Better water proof performance: IP68.
– Several colors: blue, white, green, yellow.
– Double side led road stud or single face green reflective stud can be designed.
– Long visual distance of over 800m.

LED solar road stud of A6-1
The solar road stud is made by aluminum and PC, which has strong pressure resistance of over 30 tons in total. Thus, it can be installed in the middle of the road, where the pressure is much stronger than other places of the road surface, and the cars can drive on the solar led marker directly. Compared with other products made by aluminum and PC, the pressure resistance of A6-1 is much better, so it is used widely in main streets where the car flows are huge. The solar road stud has two reflectors, and the led lights on them are America brand of high brightness, so the visual distance of this product is longer than other road studs.

LED Solar Road Stud A6-1

Features of the solar road stud:
– America brand led light with high brightness of 100,000 hours’ working time.
– USA brand solar panel. 22% high conversion rate. Fast charge rate.
– Japan brand casting Al material. Solar stud bears more pressure.
– Philips PC board, safe and stable. Long time warranty for road stud reflectors.
– High temperature resistance battery. Working from -40°C to +80°C.
– Solar led marker lights are tested in water proof, charge rate and hardness before selling.
– Designed by integrated circuit and thermo stability rechargeable batteries from solar road studs manufacturers. Ensure the long servicing life and performance of the product