Introduction of LED T8 Tube Light

The outer cover of t8 led tube light can be made by PC, which is resistance to high temperature of 135 degrees. T8 led tube light and traditional fluorescent lamps have the same caliber: 60 cm and 120 cm, 150 cm l, and their powers are 16 w and 10 w, 20 w respectively.

When installing the LED T8 Tube Light, there is no requirement for ballast which could save the steps to remove a great deal in the work that is needed and placing and replacing the tubes. The temperatures of the light is relatively low compared with the traditional bulbs and the heat from the bulbs are harmful to human bodies.

T8 LED Tube
This high Lumen Integrated LED T8 Tube uses SMD LED2835 as light source and there are 300mm(1feet), 600mm(2 feet), 900mm(3feet) and 1200mm(4 feet) available.With longer lifespan(>50,000hours), higher brightness and less toxic substance, it can be widely used to replace the traditional fluorescent tube lights.

The LED T8 Tube Light is produced by using an extended silicon substrate that contains many LEDs. This led light is a new product launched by our company through several painstaking research. It is well recived both in domestic and foreign and has won high reputation from customers not only because the LED T8 Tube Light contain no chemical substances or toxic compounds but also it is energy-saving and safe..

When selecting the LED T8 Tube Light for your home or office, you may consider the level of light that you require in the areas. There are different levels of light available with the LED T8 Tube Light that can generate a bright glow in a row, or give it a soft feel. Maintaining the environmental standards of the room will be very easy when you use the energy-efficient LED T8 Tube Light which have the level of light that you require.

Factory Direct Price
We are the manufacturer of LED tubes, which enables us to offer our customers factory direct price. Meanwhile good relationship with our material suppliers, skilled staff and advanced facilities make it possible for us to quote the most competitive price.