Indoor T5 LED Fluorescent Tube Lights with 16 Years Lifespan

Energy saving indoor T5 LED fluorescent tube lights are being used in office room lighting and normal home lighting where you may had used incandescent or halogen bulbs before. Insteading of using a fragile filament that will burn out in a short period of time, they have a smarter and more efficient way of lighting the room which means that you can buy with confidence that your indoor T5 LED fluorescent tube lights are going to earn their money’s worth. Saving up to 70%-80% of energy, in comparison to the traditional T5 fluorescent light tubes, they are also cost saving in terms of replacement and maintenance. The biggest advantage of the T5 LED light tubes is that they solve the problem of faculae, heat elimination and light fade.

Application of T5 LED Tube

A new indoor T5 LED fluorescent tube light that is nearly 10 times smaller than those currently on the market has been created. Researchers have put their minds together and succeeded in making a smaller, more flexible, and lower temperature emitting indoor T5 LED fluorescent tube lights.

Recently, U.S. congress has passed a new law setting higher efficiency standards for indoor LED fluorescent tube lights. It has been proven conventional tubes generate mostly heat instead of light, which is the reason LED lights are in demand. The indoor T5 LED fluorescent tube lights greatly improve efficiency, lasting up to 50,000 hours. Researchers have approximated that with average use, an indoor T5 LED fluorescent tube light could last up to 16 years.

The T5 LED tubes can be widely used in homes, offices, hotels, shopping malls, super markets, underground parking lots, corridors, and other various public areas.