FAQ about LED Tube Lights

1. Are there only two kinds of working voltages (110v and 220v) for LED tubes? can we use other working voltages?
Some LED tube lights can work within the range in 85-265 VAC, 277V AC, DC 24V, If you need a different operating voltage, please contact us.

2. What are the advantages of LED tube lights compared with conventional incandescent lights?
There are several obvious advantages of LED tube lights have over traditional incandescent lights, they are as follows:
• Low power consumption – energy saving;
• Long lasting,
• Cold lighting,
• Ruggedness,
• Small size and light in weight,
• Fast switch times,
• Simple to use.

3. LED tube T5, T8, T12, What do they mean?
Actually, T stands for the diameter of the LED tube, and each T represents one-eighth inch. So T8, the most familiar LED tube to us, is one inch (eight times one-eighth inch) in diameter. One inch equals 25.4mm. Therefore, the diameter of T8 is 25.4mm. T12 means that the diameter of fluorescent tube is 12 / 8 inches. The diameter of T5 LED tubes is 0.625 inches.
T12 Diameter of 38.1 mm
T10 Diameter of 31.8 mm
T8 diameter of 25.4 mm
T5 diameter of 16 mm
T4 diameter of 12.7 mm

4. What do “cool white” and “warm white” mean, and what is CCT of LED tubes?
The Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) is given in the description of each of our LED tubes. The color (CCT) of our LED tubes ranges from a warm yellow white (2700K) to a cool blue white (7500K).

6. Are white LED tubes dimmable?
Dimming LED tubes depends on the design of the product, Since LED tubes are current driven devices, and it is not advisable to lower the voltage in order to dim a tube. Dimming does not lower the lamp life of the LED tubes and can often increase it.

7. Q: Do LED Tubes contain hazardous chemicals?
A: LED tubes contain no hazardous chemicals. It is a little-known fact that many Fluorescent tubes contain Mercury and Phosphor. If a tube is broken, the potential for poisoning exists, especially if proper clean up procedures are not followed. Because of the relatively short life of fluorescent tubes, their collective impact on the environment can be significant.

4. Q: Do LED Tubes flicker or emit ultra violet?
A: LED Tubes do not flicker. The light emitted by an LED tube is very stable and produces no side effects. The “color” of LED tubes is 5000K to 6000K.
LED tubes do not emit ultraviolet. The level of UV emitted by most fluorescent tubes is so low as to be irrelevant. Tests indicate that 8 hours of exposure to the UV light emitted by a fluorescent tube is the equivalent to two minutes of midday sun.

9. Q: What are your payment options?
A: T/T in advanced or 30% deposit and 70% balance paid before shipment.

10. Q: What is the delivery time of the LED tubes?
A: 7 wording days for sample order; usually within three week on receipt of payment.
7-15 working days for formal order below 1,000pcs.
20 working days for order above 1,000pcs.

11. Q: what is the warranty on the LED tubes products?
A: We low-carbon lighting provide 3 years warranty for our LED products.

12. Q: What should I do if your LED tubes do not perform up to bar?
A: Please give us a detailed report; we will analyze and solve the problem of the failure products immediately.