Why We Use Ceiling Light Tubes in Our Family

One great advantage of these ceiling light tubes is that there is now a wide range of shapes and styles available. Although they may not be as bright as Halogen lamps, they are quite useable and available in a range of color temperatures. Prices have also come down significantly over the years and they now offer excellent value for money.

LED Ceiling Light

The key factor to choosing high performance ceiling light tubes is to check the light output and efficiency rating – an 10w “A” rated lamp will give more light that an 10w “B” rated lamp. All lamps should carry an energy rating on the packaging.

As ceiling light tubes contain a small amount of mercury vapor, facilities are becoming available at many local recycling and disposal sites to handle them correctly. However, LED ceiling light tubes are not affected by this issue.

The truth is that very few low energy ceiling light tubes work with dimmers. There are a few becoming available but they are expensive and relatively bulky. You can use a low energy lamp with a dimmer switch, but you must keep the dimmer switch in its maximum position.
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