Development Trend of T8 LED Tube Light Price

At the end of 2011, renowned LED light manufacturer declared that its 18W T8 LED tube light price with a length of 1200mm cost only $10, saving almost 50% than its counterparts in the markets. Meanwhile, it owns a great lighting effect over more than 1400 lumens. It is ideal lighting facility for business, car interior, supermarket, school and etc.

As we all know, many consumers are prevented from being the initial beneficiary of LED technology by its unaffordable price, which is several times as the conventional incandescent light. Besides, many consumers are suspicious about its features. All of these factors are key obstacles of its popularity in the lighting field. The decreasing price of T8 LED tube light, a universal light in the market will accelerate its sale volume in the home lighting field. With the mature of lighting technology, t8 LED light will take the domain position in the future.

T8 LED Tube

A manage of lighting department in XingGuang said that LED tube light would be consumers’ first choice with its affordable price. There are lots of potential consumers interested in this new lighting technology. While most of them prevented by its high price. A market research shows that only 4% interested consumers replace their traditional fluorescent light with LED tube light. Price of T8 LED tube light is unaffordable for 71.4% potential consumers.

In a word, the popularity of LED light in the home lighting and commercial lighting relays on the positive government policy, the gradually mature technology and consumer education. Dropping price of T8 LED tube light is just a beginning.

Development of Solar Street Lights in China

The improvement of the building of urbanization promotes the development of lighting projects, which makes the solar street lights complete the role transition from function to decoration. The solar street lights not only play the role of illuminating facilities on the roads, but beautify the cities.

Solar Street Lights in China

For most of the street lights in cities were produced with low standards and have worked for a long period. In addition, the light posts were corroded seriously and the light given out is weak, which not only influence the safety of citizens, but bring security problems. The municipal administration will replace the old street lights with the advanced solar street lights instead, which can not only meet the needs of energy-saving and environmentally protection and improve the intensity of illumination, but provide convenience for people going out at night.

The installation quantity of solar street light of China has increased gradually in recent years. According to the preliminary measurement, the market size of the solar street light of China has reached 2.3 billion yuan in the year of 2015.

The former high voltage sodium lamps are updated to the energy-saving LED lights, which brings energy-saving and high-efficient road illuminating. Compared with the high voltage sodium lamps, the solar street lights have good illuminating effect and lower capacity. So on the basis of same electric capacity, the solar street light will be brighter.

As the new generation of green illumination facility, the solar street lights have been applied all over the world. With the recovery of global economy, the solar street light will be the high-efficient illuminating facility with broad development prospect.

Cost of LED Tube Lights vs Conventional Fluorescent Lights

When comparing the upfront cost of LED tube lights to conventional fluorescent lights, the fluorescent lights are the winner. However, when you consider volume discounts and the lifespan of LEDs, the results will lean the opposite direction.

Conventional fluorescent lights are cheap in the first year. However, when you account for product longevity, LED tube lights are the winner. LED tube lights last an average of 50,000 hours, while conventional fluorescent lights last an average of 17,000 hours.

Using prices from our previous example, in the first year it will cost $2,750 for the energy and initial purchase of 40 LED tubes. However, conventional fluorescent lights would cost $1,056. Every year thereafter, the energy costs of LED tube lights will be $235, while $465 for the fluorescent lights. In the eighth year, the fluorescent bulbs will need to be replaced at a cost of $240.

At last, you will find a little different in the numbers. That’s because we have included an annual energy inflation rate of 4%. We also used a 1.5% inflation rate to calculate the cost of LED tube lights in the eighth year. Therefore, we only used a 5% discount rate to determine the net present value.

Why We Use Ceiling Light Tubes in Our Family

One great advantage of these ceiling light tubes is that there is now a wide range of shapes and styles available. Although they may not be as bright as Halogen lamps, they are quite useable and available in a range of color temperatures. Prices have also come down significantly over the years and they now offer excellent value for money.

LED Ceiling Light

The key factor to choosing high performance ceiling light tubes is to check the light output and efficiency rating – an 10w “A” rated lamp will give more light that an 10w “B” rated lamp. All lamps should carry an energy rating on the packaging.

As ceiling light tubes contain a small amount of mercury vapor, facilities are becoming available at many local recycling and disposal sites to handle them correctly. However, LED ceiling light tubes are not affected by this issue.

The truth is that very few low energy ceiling light tubes work with dimmers. There are a few becoming available but they are expensive and relatively bulky. You can use a low energy lamp with a dimmer switch, but you must keep the dimmer switch in its maximum position.
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Commercial LED Tube Lighting Applications

Based on Study, more and much more LED light fixtures such as commercial LED tube lighting fixtures are replacing incandescent and fluorescent lighting in industrial buildings, and with all the cost of LED lighting technology continuing to drop swiftly, the LED share in commercial lighting marketplace will achieve 60 percent by 2020.

Application of LED Tube Light

The Research also predicted that much less efficient incandescent and fluorescent lamps will likely be almost entirely eliminated over the following 10 years, although extremely effective industrial LED tube lighting fixtures will take their spot to turn out to be the main stream industrial lighting choice. Another key factor for your improve of LED share in commercial lighting marketplace is the fact that costs of LED lighting products will be decreased by up to 90 percent throughout the following decade. Rapidly evolving technologies are also altering the construction of lighting business quick.

There are also other aspects influencing the development of commercial LED tube lighting marketplace, which includes worldwide trends in energy codes, rebate and subsidy applications, green certifications, raw materials supply issues, geopolitical influences in creating and produced nations and so forth. LED lighting, as a result, is not going to only obtain a large share in commercial lighting market, but additionally permeate into other lighting market segments rapidly.

Choose The Suitable LED T5 Tubes for Your Home

Nowadays, LED T5 tubes are considered as the most energy efficient lighting, due to intense research and innumerable experiments of LED, so LED tubes are widely available in market with different options. LED T5 tubes are used in lots areas. You can find them nearly in any lighting area. Therefore, if you want to buy LED T5 tubes, you have to make your choice from their perspectives of brightness, color, power and viewing angles.

Unlike conventional fluorescent, LED tube lighting can produce excellent level of brightness in different areas. Therefore, while picking the best option of LED tube lighting, you have to make sure about the shape and inherent character of the area where the lighting arrangement is to be done using LED tube lighting.

On the other hand, you should choose the right LEDlight before purchasing because they’re just highly efficient and also can work for a long time. The LED tube lights provide you great brightness and clarity that are definitely why these types of days they’re just being used as signals and even traffic lights. A different advantage from the LEDs can be that they emit the light in one direction only which creates perfect for the floodlights.

As every manufacturer claims best performance, its impossible for the layman to judge the quality. So a thumb rule, go for the tube light with Metal base,You can certainly go with the packing where the maker boldly displays his company name, address & contact details, in short one who is sure of his quality.

Lastly, the fitting of the LED tube lights are important issue. Therefore, when you pick up the right option of LED tube lighting, you should make sure the fitting can meet demand different needs, otherwise the beauty and boldness of lights are difficult to enjoy in its fullest extent.

All our T5 tubes come with Frosted covers. Unlike Clear covers, Frosted covers disperse uniform light, making them qualitatively superior to the Clear covers. If for any reason you require Clear covers, please contact us. Subject to stock availablity.

Can You Accept the T8 LED Tube Price?

T8 LED tube is very important for home or office lighting. That’s why it is one the most important factors for your home lighting. However, T8 LED tube price is much higher than conventional light.

T8 LED Tube

Firstly, they use T8 LED tube replace the substantially more energy consuming lights, however the excellent LED lumination systems make people can accept the T8 LED tube price. This not just saves a massive amount of money, but in inclusion improves the excellent of illumination.

T8 LED tubes carry a reflector at the rear of the bulb which frequently gives about an important damage of lighting. It last results in lumination pollution. The glare made by this sort of lights may be also not protected for those drivers. Not only T8 LED tube prevents the damage of lights but in inclusion provides them a well-defined rectangular pattern.

In all, the T8 LED tube price has a few benefits over the conventional lighting. In comparison, LED lights have substantially more energy efficacy level. Besides getting substantially more energy efficient, they are eco-friendly as well as long- lasting. Nowadays, with the development of LED technology, the T8 LED tube price will be lower, and meanwhile, more and more people will use T8 LED tube lighting in their home.

We offer 3 year guarantees on our light tubes. By the expiry of the guarantees LED tubes will have covered their own costs and already produced significant savings. They will continue to produce savings for many years. Warranties of up to 5 years are availabe on many of our products.

Performance Indicators of the Solar Road Stud

When research the basic characteristics of any kind of solar road stud, the following aspects should be considered.

Pressure Resistance

If the solar road stud cannot work under a certain extent of pressure, it will be out of work after several times crush or crash. So the compression resistance should be the most basic condition for the solar road stud. For the solar road stud is a electronic product, it is not that easy to make the road stud has strong pressure resistance. Thus the pressure resistance of the solar road stud is lower than the ordinary road stud.

There are several methods to increase the pressure resistance of solar road stud: 1. Use the PC bullet resistant material to make the solar panel outside to increase the pressure resistance of the electronic part of the road stud; 2. Use the IC control to decrease the volume of electronic circuit; 3. Put the reinforcing ribs on the shell to share the pressure on the electronic part.

Sealing property

The water will permeate into the solar road stud if it is not sealed tightly, which will cause short circuit, so the sealing property of the solar road stud should be good.

Several methods are provided to increase the sealing property of the solar road stud:

solar road stud
Separation design. Adopted separation design of the led lampshade and the circuit board inside the road stud, and even the led lampshade is out of work, there will be no water permeating inside the solar road stud.
Using the strong neutral adhesive to ensure that the solar panel, led lampshade and the shell of road stud can bond tightly, and there is no gap between them.


Solar road stud has one special characteristic when compared with common road stud, and that is, it must auto luminescence. The transportation sector has relative standard for this index, which is 2,000MCD.

Solar Road Stud - D1


Life span of the battery: Another factor that influences the life span of the solar road stud is the using time of battery, so it is quite important to choose a battery with good performance. Now there are two kinds of batteries to choose, and one battery whose capacity would reduce to 50% after 500 times charge-and-discharge and the other is the battery whose capacity would reduce to 79% after 1,000 times charge-and-discharge.

The using life of a battery should be long enough, and it must be working effectively in a wide range of temperature interval. The material inside a battery is chemical substances, and it cannot work in the environment which is too hot or too cold. So, the working temperature range should be abided with requirements of actual using environment. The requirement of related standard made by transportation sector for this index is that the solar road stud should work in the temperature between -10°C to 50°C. Actually, the working temperature of solar road stud may out of this range, so the battery with reliable quality and excellent performance need to be chosen to make the solar road stud.

Electronic circuit: The design principle of simple and effective should be followed. One more circuit will increase the possibility of malfunction. The electronic components should also be chosen strictly, for the whole system will be out of work if one electronic component is broken.

Welding: The welding of the solar road stud should be firm. For it is crashed or shocked everyday, a little loose of the welding spot will cause the loose of break off of the circuit, the high-quality welding gun and soldering should be chosen to ensure that the wielding spot is firm and can work long enough in severe environment.

Solar panel: The solar panel can absorb solar energy and transform it into electric energy, and this can be the first link of the whole working system of the solar road stud. The efficiency of the solar panel determines the efficiency of the solar road stud. The single crystal silicon solar panel is widely used nowadays, for it has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, which can be about 14%, to ensure the energy providing when the solar road stud is working. In addition, the solar panel must be high hardness and wear-resisting. For the solar road stud will resist crash and shock everyday, if it is not hard enough, the solar panel will be destroyed and influence the conversion efficiency of the solar panel.

Matching Performance of Battery

The rated capacity of the battery should meet the needs of 72 hours’ illuminating, if the battery is put in the standard testing condition for 8 hours. Even if the solar illumination is less than 1,000LX, the rated capacity of the battery should make road stud work normally for 12 hours after 8 hours’ charge. One thing should be noted, if the matching performance of battery is not that good, it will be lack of power in wet weather, which may cause the un-illuminate of solar road stud. If this condition happens, the solar road stud will out of particle value. This is also the limitation of capacitive solar road stud. If being put under the standard testing condition for 8 hours, the rated capacity capacitor can only make the solar road stud work for 12 to 14 hours, that is to say, the capacitive solar road stud is strict with its actual working environment, which should not only have enough sunshine, but should not work in continuous rainy weathers.

Buy Tubes in Fluorescent Tubes Stores

These days, fluorescent tubes can be used in everywhere — in offices, stores, warehouses and supermarket and so on. When you come to fluorescent tubes stores, you can find all kinds of tubes. But even though they’re all around us, these devices are a total mystery to most people. Just what is going on in those white tubes?

Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent tubes are energy-efficient lights that use 30% less electricity than standard incandescent tubes. Fluorescent tubes come in a range of color temperatures, allowing you to customize the lighting in each room of your home. Some fixtures may need updating before you go to fluorescent tubes stores buy fluorescent tubes. If you consider the following factors, which will help you understand what to look for when selecting a fluorescent tube.
Types and Configurations
Selecting a fluorescent tube from fluorescent tubes stores depends largely on the design of the light fixture you’re using. Fluorescent tubes use either a pin-based design, specifically made to fit into fluorescent fixtures.
Fluorescent tubes stores are ideal places for lots of the customers. If you are looking for a more decorative fluorescent tube, you may want to look at fluorescent surface mounts or fluorescent recessed offers, which have more options for casings and decorative elements.
Lumens and Watts
The amount of light the tube gives off is measured in lumens, while the power is rated in watts. Lumen per watt is a way of identifying how many lumens a light source provides compared to the amount of energy or wattage used. To choose the most energy efficient tube in the Fluorescent tubes stores, checking the lumens-to-watts ratio on the packaging—the greater the lumens-to-watts ratio, the more energy efficiency the tube provides. If you consider all the above factors, you will choose a better tube in the fluorescent tubes stores.

The Prospect of T8 LED Light Tube

LED lighting is a leading resource for sustainable, energy-efficient LED lighting products to meet the needs of business, commercial and residential clients.

Now more and more T8 LED lights tubes are used in our lives. Regardless of its ubiquity, the T8 LED light tube is designed for general lighting of the house is still quite new. Most homes have a traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes, and about 25 % of the total energy consumption for lighting is wasteful.

T8 LED Tube

T8 LED light tube is the first commercially available device in laboratory tests, and the basic design of the LED is low, high capacity and custom designed. Compared with fluorescent and incandescent lamps, T8 LED light tube is about a tenth less energy consumption. Lights continue to go up to 50 times longer than conventional bulbs, and give 50,000 hours versus 5,000 hours for compact fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps. The LED of T8 LED light tube is more compact and more durable.

LED tubes are impressive fixtures ideal for lighting any large workspace including warehouses, gymnasiums, machine shops, or any other high-ceiling building. What makes these T8 LED fixtures so incredible is their versatility. Users can swap out LED tubes at anytime, which will not be very often with the long life of LEDs.