FAQ about LED Tube Lights

1. Are there only two kinds of working voltages (110v and 220v) for LED tubes? can we use other working voltages?
Some LED tube lights can work within the range in 85-265 VAC, 277V AC, DC 24V, If you need a different operating voltage, please contact us.

2. What are the advantages of LED tube lights compared with conventional incandescent lights?
There are several obvious advantages of LED tube lights have over traditional incandescent lights, they are as follows:
• Low power consumption – energy saving;
• Long lasting,
• Cold lighting,
• Ruggedness,
• Small size and light in weight,
• Fast switch times,
• Simple to use.

3. LED tube T5, T8, T12, What do they mean?
Actually, T stands for the diameter of the LED tube, and each T represents one-eighth inch. So T8, the most familiar LED tube to us, is one inch (eight times one-eighth inch) in diameter. One inch equals 25.4mm. Therefore, the diameter of T8 is 25.4mm. T12 means that the diameter of fluorescent tube is 12 / 8 inches. The diameter of T5 LED tubes is 0.625 inches.
T12 Diameter of 38.1 mm
T10 Diameter of 31.8 mm
T8 diameter of 25.4 mm
T5 diameter of 16 mm
T4 diameter of 12.7 mm

4. What do “cool white” and “warm white” mean, and what is CCT of LED tubes?
The Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) is given in the description of each of our LED tubes. The color (CCT) of our LED tubes ranges from a warm yellow white (2700K) to a cool blue white (7500K).

6. Are white LED tubes dimmable?
Dimming LED tubes depends on the design of the product, Since LED tubes are current driven devices, and it is not advisable to lower the voltage in order to dim a tube. Dimming does not lower the lamp life of the LED tubes and can often increase it.

7. Q: Do LED Tubes contain hazardous chemicals?
A: LED tubes contain no hazardous chemicals. It is a little-known fact that many Fluorescent tubes contain Mercury and Phosphor. If a tube is broken, the potential for poisoning exists, especially if proper clean up procedures are not followed. Because of the relatively short life of fluorescent tubes, their collective impact on the environment can be significant.

4. Q: Do LED Tubes flicker or emit ultra violet?
A: LED Tubes do not flicker. The light emitted by an LED tube is very stable and produces no side effects. The “color” of LED tubes is 5000K to 6000K.
LED tubes do not emit ultraviolet. The level of UV emitted by most fluorescent tubes is so low as to be irrelevant. Tests indicate that 8 hours of exposure to the UV light emitted by a fluorescent tube is the equivalent to two minutes of midday sun.

9. Q: What are your payment options?
A: T/T in advanced or 30% deposit and 70% balance paid before shipment.

10. Q: What is the delivery time of the LED tubes?
A: 7 wording days for sample order; usually within three week on receipt of payment.
7-15 working days for formal order below 1,000pcs.
20 working days for order above 1,000pcs.

11. Q: what is the warranty on the LED tubes products?
A: We low-carbon lighting provide 3 years warranty for our LED products.

12. Q: What should I do if your LED tubes do not perform up to bar?
A: Please give us a detailed report; we will analyze and solve the problem of the failure products immediately.

Solar Road Stud

The solar road stud is the traffic safety product that uses the solar panel as the charge device, battery or electric capacitance as the energy storage device and the light of the stud is given out through the LED. According to the demands of the Ministry of Transportation, the pressure resistance of the solar road stud should be over 100KN. The solar road stud is set along the road, and it can be applied to delineate the way at night or in rainy or foggy days. Its visual effect is better than the ordinary road stud, and it is always applied together with the marked lines on the road.
The solar road studs can be divided into two types according to the energy storage device: the solar road stud (battery) and the solar road stud (energy capacitance).

Solar Road Stud

The solar road studs can be divided into two types according to the color of the LED: the solar road studs of red and yellow, and the solar road studs of white, blue and green.

Characteristics of the Solar Road Stud
1.High brightness
The reflective brightness of the ordinary reflective stud is only 300-400MCD, but the brightness of the solar road stud can be over 2000MCD, which is 6 to 7 times of the former one, and the high brightness can penetrate rain or fog at night and guide the way effectively for the drivers.
2.Flashing synchronically and giving warnings initiatively
The solar road stud can flash in a certain frequency at night, and the visual of people are more sensitive to changes, so the warning function of the solar road stud is quite strong. Giving out light initiatively can not only avoid interruptions of rain and fog to the greatest extent, but make the drivers get rid of the reliance of light of cars, which will make the visual distance longer and greater. The solar road stud plays key role in rainy or foggy days and it does more in the aspect of eliminating security risks.

The working principle of the solar road studs
The solar panel of the solar road stud absorbs solar energy, which can be transformed into electric energy and stored inside the energy storage device, like battery or electric capacitance, in the daytime, and the electric energy inside the energy storage device can be transformed into light, which can be controlled through the photoelectric switch, at night. The light is given out through the LEDs to delineate the way and guide the sight of the drivers.
The solar road studs can be divided into the embedded type and raised type according to the difference of installation site.
The former one is always installed in the central line, and the latter one is installed in the edge of the road. For the solar road stud installed in the central line should have strong pressure resistance, and the solar road stud can only be embedded underground and only 5mm above the ground; the solar road stud installed in the edge of the road does not have strict demands on pressure resistance, and it can work effectively even raised on the ground.
The solar road studs can be divided into the capacitive type and the battery type according to the difference of the energy storage elements of the solar road studs, and the service time of the former one can be 5 to 7 years, and that of the latter can be 1 to 3 years.
For the embedded solar road studs damage the surface of roads greatly, and the cost of the capacitive solar road studs is high, so the embedded capacitive solar road studs are widely applied in our daily life now.

Installation of solar road stud

Characteristics of the solar road studs
There are some characteristics should be paid more attention when choosing a solar road stud. If all those characteristics can meet the standard, the solar road stud will be a qualified one.

1. Pressure resistance
The solar road stud will break into pieces after being cracked by the cars if it cannot resist certain pressure, so the solar road stud must have good performance in pressure resistance. But some cheap road studs have hollow structures, which can decrease the cost. The qualified solar road stud has no difference with the cheap one in outlook, once the unqualified solar road studs are put into use, the quality problem will appear after 3 to 5 months.

There are several ways to increaser the pressure resistance of the solar road stud: first, use the solar panel of PC bullet resistant material to increaser the pressure resistance of the electronic part; second, use to IC control to decrease the volume of the electronic circuit to decrease the pressure on the electronic part; third, design some strengthening ribs on the shell of the solar road stud to share the pressure on the electronic part.

solar road stud packing

2. Sealing performance
If the solar road stud is not sealed perfectly, the water will penetrate into them, which will cause short circuit, which will bring disastrous consequence, so a qualified solar road stud must have perfect performance in sealing.

There are several ways to increaser the sealing performance of the LED solar road stud:

separation design. Adapting separation design on the LED lampshade and the inside electric circuit panel, even the LED lampshade is out of work, the inside part of the solar road stud can be sealed perfectly.

Using the neutral adhesives to guarantee the solar panel, LED lampshade and the shell of the stud can be connected tightly.

The solar road stud can guide the drivers through automatic illumination, and only when the brightness reaches 2000MCD, the solar road stud is qualified. However, the reflective road stud can only give out light through the reflection of the light of the vehicles, which is lower in lamination quality than the solar road stud.

4. Stability
Service time of the battery: the key factor that determines the service time of the solar road stud is the service time of the battery, so it is quite important to choose a suitable battery. Now there are two types of battery can be applied on the market, one is that battery that the capacity decreases to 50% after 500 times charge & discharge, and the other is the battery that the capacity decreases to 70% after 1000 times charge & discharge.

The battery should not only has long service time, but can work in a large temperature range. The chemical substances are set inside the battery, if the temperature is too high or low, the battery will out of work. The working temperature range of the battery of the solar road stud should be I accordance with the practical working environment. The demand on the working temperature range of national ministry of transportation is -10℃ to 50℃, however, the real environment is out of this range, which asks high for the performance of the battery.

Electronic circuit: the design of the circuit board should follow the principle of simple and effective, and there is no need to make it complicated, for one more circuit will raise the possibility of the fault. The electronic devices should be chose strictly, for every fault of the electronic device will cause break down of the whole system.

Welding: the welding of the solar road stud must be firm. For the solar road studs resist crash and crack of the vehicles all the time, a little loose of the welding point will cause the fall off of the circuit. The high quality products should be used in welding to ensure the firm of the welding point and to make it can work for a long time in severe condition.

Solar panel: the solar panel can absorb solar energy directly and it can transform the solar energy into electrical energy, so this is the first link in the whole system of the solar road stud. The working efficiency of the solar panel determines that of the solar road stud directly. Now the monocrystalline silicon solar panel is widely used, for it has high photoelectric conversion rate, which is almost 14%, which can transforms the solar energy into electrical energy to the greatest extent to ensure the energy supply in the working time of the solar road stud. in addition, the solar panel must be hard and anti-friction. For it should resist the crash of wheels energy, if the solar panel is not hard enough, it is easy to be destroyed, which will influence the conversion rate of the solar panel.

5.The matching performance of the battery
The rated capacity of the battery can satisfied the needs of illuminating for 72 hours if set under the testing condition for 8 hours. Even the solar illuminance is less than 1000LX, the rated capacity of the battery should be illuminating for 12 hours after 8 hours’ charge. If the matching performance of the battery is poor, the solar road stud cannot give out light in rainy days and it will out of practical value. And this is the limitation of the solar road stud whose energy storage device is electric capacitance. This type of solar road stud has strict demands on working environment, and it not only need strong sunlight, but should work without continuous rainy or cloudy days.

6.Environmental adaptation performance
The application environment of the solar road stud in complicated, and the application temperature and humidity are different. All of these will influence the normal work of the solar road stud, so the environmental adaptation performance should be taken into consideration in the design of the solar road stud.

application of solar road stud

Now the Ministry of Transportation notes that the working temperature of the solar road stud should be in the range of -20 to 85℃, and three experiments should be carried out in the temperature between 20 to 60℃ to know whether the solar road stud can adapt the demand of the environment. The Ministry of Transportation regulates that the solar road stud should work effectively after 48 hours testing in the condition of 45℃ and relative humidity of 98%.

The environmental adaptation performance of the LED solar road stud is a comprehensive testing for the mechanical performance and electronic performance of the stud, which involves the aspects of structural design, electric circuit design and electronic device performance, even it production engineering. This asks that all aspects should be perfect to guarantee the solar road stud has good environmental adaptation performance.

LED T5 Tube Light Lighting System

The T5 LED light lighting system is seemingly overcoming the traditional lighting techniques. Due to its vast benefits, LED T5 tube light lighting with essence of control and power output act as some of the notable benefits.

T5 LED Tube

T5 LED tubes are currently offered as a plug-and-play version. As long as the LED tube is compatible with the fluorescent ballast, a plug-and-play is as simple as plugging in the tube light. Most LED tubes are compatible with electronic, programmed start, or instant start ballasts, but it is best practice to verify the type of fluorescent ballast your fixture has and if the LED tube is compatible.

The power is controllable, and the probability of your budget crumbling down on you is kept out of the picture which in return enables you to save money. LED T5 tube light is the new era of lighting that is not only finding its way in the marine lighting industry but also very soon to be endorsed in other lighting measures.

However, the incandescent light is preferably known due to the use of the filament that lights as a way of providing illumination. Glowing is also achieved in the fluorescent lights through the same procedure, but this time fluorescent’s special gas is allowed to provide the required illumination. The incandescent and fluorescent will forever be the roots to advanced lighting systems. In order to understand the necessity of LED T5 tube light in today’s life, which of course culminates better advantages to the environment, we need to understand about light emission in general.

LED tube lights not only operate on a fraction of the wattage, but also perform up to 50,000 hours. Depending on your application, these T5 LEDs come in Kelvin temperatures ranging from 3000 Kelvin to 5000 Kelvin. When upgrading to an LED tube, follow the code provided to identify which lamp will work for you.

Please make sure the T5 LED tube is seated properly in the T5 fixture. This can be done by gently removing the frost lens cover and then rotating the T5 tube until you feel it seat properly in the T5 socket.


Disadvantages of the Solar Street Light

In recent years, energy saving and emission reduction has been advocated by our country. The street light is basic facility is our daily life, and now the solar street light factory of Henan responds to the call and the solar street lights have been installed in most of the districts of Henan. When referring to energy saving, the solar street light has absolute advantage, but there is no perfect products, and the solar street light has its disadvantages. A professional solar street light manufacturer and supplier, will analyze the disadvantages of solar street light from the aspects of cost, energy efficiency conversion rate, light efficiency, service time, anti-theft and pollution toward environment.

Solar Street Light
1. Expensive cost
The cost on a normal solar street light is about 2000 yuan, and the money is mainly spent on the solar energy system, which includes the solar panel, solar battery, and the controller. The cost of the solar street light is almost 2 to 4 times of that of the traditional street light of the same power.
2. Low energy conversion rate
Although the solar street light cost is expensive, the quality is not that good. Now the conversion rate of the solar panel is low. The conversion rate of the monocrstalline silicon is around 25% theoretically, however, that can only be 15% to 19% or even lower for the influence of the shelter of the buildings.
3. Easy to be disturbed by the external
For the solar street light absorbs solar energy into electric energy, the climate of the installation site may influence the electric energy storage and working of the solar street light directly. The solar radiation time, aerial dust, and continuous rainy or cloudy days may also influence the working condition of the solar street light. If it cannot absorb solar energy for a long time, the light will out of work quickly. What’s worse, if the solar street light works in abnormal limit, the service time of the solar street light will decrease greatly.
4. Narrow light efficiency range, and uneven illuminance
The LED illuminating devices produced in China almost all have the disadvantage of narrow light efficiency range and uneven illuminance, for the not well developed technology. The cost of the foreign lighting devices are expensive, which is not available. For the narrow countryside roads with low requirement on light, the solar street light with small power can satisfy the needs of illumination. However, for the city streets with high require on lighting, the solar street light exists the disadvantage of narrow light cover range and uneven illuminance.
5. Short service time
The battery and controller is expensive, and the battery is not durable, which should be changed regularly. And the service time of the controller is usually 3 years, which is not reliable. Most of the solar street lights installed in the main streets of the cities uses the energy supply mode of double energy source of city electric energy supply and accumulator supply, which increase the cost on management.
6. Pollution from the lead-acid battery
Now many suppliers adopts lead-acid battery, which is composed by lead, sulfuric acid and other mental and plastics, for the solar street light to decrease the cost. But there are a lot of lead in the acid liquor in the used batteries, and random emission will not only pollute soil and water, but break the ecological balance and cause metabolic or neurologic disease. But the recycling of the used battery in our country is in the condition of disorder, so the used lead-acid battery is going to pollute our living environment. Even the colloid storage battery is adopted, the pollution will exist, too.

The Advantages of New LED Light Bulbs

All of us understand that LED light bulbs provide numerous advantages for the consumer, but lots of individuals are unaware of the advantages – not just for that home but in addition for nearly every lighting corner.

LED Light Bulbs

The new LED light bulbs has lots of advantages, first, it can decrease your electrical power bill because they tend to light up the space greater than the conventional lights, and therefore, this merely means that 20% in the energy goes into heating the bulb, the other 80% merely provides lighting for that area.

When you run the LED light bulbs continuously, it’ll last approximately 11 many years. The cost from the new LED light bulbs pays for itself within the first year, once you consider the price of electrical energy that you are saving as well. Energy saving is another obvious advantage. These are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and color, they can offer exactly the same cost-effective financial savings.

There are lots of new LED light in the marketplace, before you buy, do sufficient analysis to make sure you can obtain the high quality one.

T5 LED Tube Lights in Our Life

The T5 LED tube lights are wonderful replacements for the traditional T5 fluorescent tubes that you can find in factories and supermarkets. The operation life of T5 LED tube lights is much longer than the traditional T5 fluorescent light tubes which can reach up to 50,000 hours, so they are the best choice for the customers.

T5 LED Tube Light

Compared with the traditional T5 fluorescent light tubes, the T5 LED tube lights can save up to 70%-80% of energy, and they are also cost saving in terms of replacement and maintenance. The remarkable advantage of the T5 LED tube lights is that they do not contain any hazard materials, such as mercury, UV and infrared, and they are very eco-friendly.

The T5 LED tube lights are handled by special technology which makes the point light source to strip light source, so the light is well-distributed without any faculae. Meanwhile, our T5 LED Tube Lights use less LEDs than those on the market, so they generate less heat.

Nowadays, the T5 LED tube lights have been widely used in homes, offices, hotels, shopping malls, super markets, underground parking lots, corridors, and other public areas.

Environmentally Friendly DIY LED Light Tubes

Why are DIY LED light tubes favored by so many people? The answer is in your heart. Our products are durable that have a long life span. They are easy to make and have high quality. Whoever is interested in doing things by himself, he can do a suitable LED light tube. We offer the necessary components that you need in your making. You can have a taste of the happiness to make a light tube yourself. We also offer various DIY LED light tubes, they are made by the dexterous hands of our workers. So they are cheap and have a good quality. They are also very environmentally friendly in their processing which are hand-made to lessen noise pollution and recycle some used durable components.

LED Tube Light

Everyone is responsible for our environment pollution and everyone should do something to make up our errors and create a bright future for our descendants. We are XingGuang, we offer various DIY LED light tubes that are necessary for you. So why don’t you have a try? Why don’t you contribute a little to our mother earth? Why don’t you just take action now?!

Environmental Safety of LED Tube Lighting

Nowadays, more and more consumers buy LED tube lighting, and they are unhappy with fluorescent bulbs, because of their tendency to flicker when being powered on and at the end of their life span, there are environmental issues that also enter into the equation. The reason they are so bad for the environment is that they contain mercury. Scientists have been aware of this for years, but it is doubtful that anyone anticipated quite the impact having millions of mercury containing bulbs in the world, could pose to the environment.

Does LED tube lighting flicker? Yes, they do flicker, but at a rate that is so fast, the human eye is unable to detect it. However, there is LED tube lighting that is manufactured to flicker or aesthetic reasons, and not through any manufacturing defect. Fluorescent lights are known to flicker annoyingly, yet that is the least of the dangers they pose. Toxic metals pose a far greater threat in fluorescent bulbs. Neither LED tube lighting flicker nor contain hazardous substances. In both respects, they are the better.

Therefore, LED tube lighting is now built with filters that help even out the amount of electrical current that are being generated to them. The effect is a flicker that is so steady and so fast that it cannot be detected with the naked eye. Before being installed, LED tube lighting was known to flicker a little bit with each fluctuation of electric current they received. Nowadays, LED tube lighting is as reliable as any other form of light bulb, and is far better for the environment.

Energy Saving T8 LED Tube Lights

Xingguang is producing energy saving T8 LED tube lights, which give off as much light as 100-watt conventional bulbs and consume 20 watts of power. The energy saving T8 LED tube lights will be rated at 1,500 lumens and an efficiency of almost 75 lumens per watt.

LED Tube

The energy saving T8 LED tube lights give off light evenly. The light sources give off directional light, making them very good for home using, and now manufacturers are designing new lights to disperse light more in all directions. The energy saving T8 LED tube lights will have a rated life of 50,000 hours, nearly about 17 years with 8 hours of daily use. The color rendering index is 80 and the color temperature is 2,700K.

Lighting manufacturers are seeking to boost the brightness and light quality of energy saving T8 LED tube lights to make them attractive alternatives to incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. We promise that the energy saving T8 LED tube lights could save a home or business $210 over its lifetime.

Do You Accept The LED Tube Lights Price ?

Do you know that our LED tube lights save 70% compared with regular lamps? Our LED tube lights can emit the same brightness as the traditional fluorescent tubes. However, the LED tube lights price is much higher than the traditional tubes.

Because our LED tube lights represent the latest advancement in environmental lighting technology, the LED tube lights price is a little high. However, These provide a great source of general illumination, they are suitable in factories, supermarkets, buses, trains, task lighting, store displays, warehouse illumination and cabinets.

T8 LED Tube
The LED tube lights in our company are not only the newest high technology products, but also the prices is competitive. At the same time, they are far better for environment than standard fluorescent tubes. Apart from this, it does not need ballast or a starter to operate and has high power factor value.

We provide LED tube lights, which are in high demand in the market due to their cost effectiveness and improved luminosity. Although the LED tube lights price is high, they are also can be accepted by the customers. With the development of the LED tube technology, they will come into everyone’s family.