The Advantages of New LED Light Bulbs

All of us understand that LED light bulbs provide numerous advantages for the consumer, but lots of individuals are unaware of the advantages – not just for that home but in addition for nearly every lighting corner.

LED Light Bulbs

The new LED light bulbs has lots of advantages, first, it can decrease your electrical power bill because they tend to light up the space greater than the conventional lights, and therefore, this merely means that 20% in the energy goes into heating the bulb, the other 80% merely provides lighting for that area.

When you run the LED light bulbs continuously, it’ll last approximately 11 many years. The cost from the new LED light bulbs pays for itself within the first year, once you consider the price of electrical energy that you are saving as well. Energy saving is another obvious advantage. These are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and color, they can offer exactly the same cost-effective financial savings.

There are lots of new LED light in the marketplace, before you buy, do sufficient analysis to make sure you can obtain the high quality one.

T5 LED Tube Lights in Our Life

The T5 LED tube lights are wonderful replacements for the traditional T5 fluorescent tubes that you can find in factories and supermarkets. The operation life of T5 LED tube lights is much longer than the traditional T5 fluorescent light tubes which can reach up to 50,000 hours, so they are the best choice for the customers.

T5 LED Tube Light

Compared with the traditional T5 fluorescent light tubes, the T5 LED tube lights can save up to 70%-80% of energy, and they are also cost saving in terms of replacement and maintenance. The remarkable advantage of the T5 LED tube lights is that they do not contain any hazard materials, such as mercury, UV and infrared, and they are very eco-friendly.

The T5 LED tube lights are handled by special technology which makes the point light source to strip light source, so the light is well-distributed without any faculae. Meanwhile, our T5 LED Tube Lights use less LEDs than those on the market, so they generate less heat.

Nowadays, the T5 LED tube lights have been widely used in homes, offices, hotels, shopping malls, super markets, underground parking lots, corridors, and other public areas.

Environmentally Friendly DIY LED Light Tubes

Why are DIY LED light tubes favored by so many people? The answer is in your heart. Our products are durable that have a long life span. They are easy to make and have high quality. Whoever is interested in doing things by himself, he can do a suitable LED light tube. We offer the necessary components that you need in your making. You can have a taste of the happiness to make a light tube yourself. We also offer various DIY LED light tubes, they are made by the dexterous hands of our workers. So they are cheap and have a good quality. They are also very environmentally friendly in their processing which are hand-made to lessen noise pollution and recycle some used durable components.

LED Tube Light

Everyone is responsible for our environment pollution and everyone should do something to make up our errors and create a bright future for our descendants. We are XingGuang, we offer various DIY LED light tubes that are necessary for you. So why don’t you have a try? Why don’t you contribute a little to our mother earth? Why don’t you just take action now?!

Environmental Safety of LED Tube Lighting

Nowadays, more and more consumers buy LED tube lighting, and they are unhappy with fluorescent bulbs, because of their tendency to flicker when being powered on and at the end of their life span, there are environmental issues that also enter into the equation. The reason they are so bad for the environment is that they contain mercury. Scientists have been aware of this for years, but it is doubtful that anyone anticipated quite the impact having millions of mercury containing bulbs in the world, could pose to the environment.

Does LED tube lighting flicker? Yes, they do flicker, but at a rate that is so fast, the human eye is unable to detect it. However, there is LED tube lighting that is manufactured to flicker or aesthetic reasons, and not through any manufacturing defect. Fluorescent lights are known to flicker annoyingly, yet that is the least of the dangers they pose. Toxic metals pose a far greater threat in fluorescent bulbs. Neither LED tube lighting flicker nor contain hazardous substances. In both respects, they are the better.

Therefore, LED tube lighting is now built with filters that help even out the amount of electrical current that are being generated to them. The effect is a flicker that is so steady and so fast that it cannot be detected with the naked eye. Before being installed, LED tube lighting was known to flicker a little bit with each fluctuation of electric current they received. Nowadays, LED tube lighting is as reliable as any other form of light bulb, and is far better for the environment.

Energy Saving T8 LED Tube Lights

Xingguang is producing energy saving T8 LED tube lights, which give off as much light as 100-watt conventional bulbs and consume 20 watts of power. The energy saving T8 LED tube lights will be rated at 1,500 lumens and an efficiency of almost 75 lumens per watt.

LED Tube

The energy saving T8 LED tube lights give off light evenly. The light sources give off directional light, making them very good for home using, and now manufacturers are designing new lights to disperse light more in all directions. The energy saving T8 LED tube lights will have a rated life of 50,000 hours, nearly about 17 years with 8 hours of daily use. The color rendering index is 80 and the color temperature is 2,700K.

Lighting manufacturers are seeking to boost the brightness and light quality of energy saving T8 LED tube lights to make them attractive alternatives to incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. We promise that the energy saving T8 LED tube lights could save a home or business $210 over its lifetime.

Do You Accept The LED Tube Lights Price ?

Do you know that our LED tube lights save 70% compared with regular lamps? Our LED tube lights can emit the same brightness as the traditional fluorescent tubes. However, the LED tube lights price is much higher than the traditional tubes.

Because our LED tube lights represent the latest advancement in environmental lighting technology, the LED tube lights price is a little high. However, These provide a great source of general illumination, they are suitable in factories, supermarkets, buses, trains, task lighting, store displays, warehouse illumination and cabinets.

T8 LED Tube
The LED tube lights in our company are not only the newest high technology products, but also the prices is competitive. At the same time, they are far better for environment than standard fluorescent tubes. Apart from this, it does not need ballast or a starter to operate and has high power factor value.

We provide LED tube lights, which are in high demand in the market due to their cost effectiveness and improved luminosity. Although the LED tube lights price is high, they are also can be accepted by the customers. With the development of the LED tube technology, they will come into everyone’s family.

Development Trend of T8 LED Tube Light Price

At the end of 2011, renowned LED light manufacturer declared that its 18W T8 LED tube light price with a length of 1200mm cost only $10, saving almost 50% than its counterparts in the markets. Meanwhile, it owns a great lighting effect over more than 1400 lumens. It is ideal lighting facility for business, car interior, supermarket, school and etc.

As we all know, many consumers are prevented from being the initial beneficiary of LED technology by its unaffordable price, which is several times as the conventional incandescent light. Besides, many consumers are suspicious about its features. All of these factors are key obstacles of its popularity in the lighting field. The decreasing price of T8 LED tube light, a universal light in the market will accelerate its sale volume in the home lighting field. With the mature of lighting technology, t8 LED light will take the domain position in the future.

T8 LED Tube

A manage of lighting department in XingGuang said that LED tube light would be consumers’ first choice with its affordable price. There are lots of potential consumers interested in this new lighting technology. While most of them prevented by its high price. A market research shows that only 4% interested consumers replace their traditional fluorescent light with LED tube light. Price of T8 LED tube light is unaffordable for 71.4% potential consumers.

In a word, the popularity of LED light in the home lighting and commercial lighting relays on the positive government policy, the gradually mature technology and consumer education. Dropping price of T8 LED tube light is just a beginning.

Development of Solar Street Lights in China

The improvement of the building of urbanization promotes the development of lighting projects, which makes the solar street lights complete the role transition from function to decoration. The solar street lights not only play the role of illuminating facilities on the roads, but beautify the cities.

Solar Street Lights in China

For most of the street lights in cities were produced with low standards and have worked for a long period. In addition, the light posts were corroded seriously and the light given out is weak, which not only influence the safety of citizens, but bring security problems. The municipal administration will replace the old street lights with the advanced solar street lights instead, which can not only meet the needs of energy-saving and environmentally protection and improve the intensity of illumination, but provide convenience for people going out at night.

The installation quantity of solar street light of China has increased gradually in recent years. According to the preliminary measurement, the market size of the solar street light of China has reached 2.3 billion yuan in the year of 2015.

The former high voltage sodium lamps are updated to the energy-saving LED lights, which brings energy-saving and high-efficient road illuminating. Compared with the high voltage sodium lamps, the solar street lights have good illuminating effect and lower capacity. So on the basis of same electric capacity, the solar street light will be brighter.

As the new generation of green illumination facility, the solar street lights have been applied all over the world. With the recovery of global economy, the solar street light will be the high-efficient illuminating facility with broad development prospect.

Cost of LED Tube Lights vs Conventional Fluorescent Lights

When comparing the upfront cost of LED tube lights to conventional fluorescent lights, the fluorescent lights are the winner. However, when you consider volume discounts and the lifespan of LEDs, the results will lean the opposite direction.

Conventional fluorescent lights are cheap in the first year. However, when you account for product longevity, LED tube lights are the winner. LED tube lights last an average of 50,000 hours, while conventional fluorescent lights last an average of 17,000 hours.

Using prices from our previous example, in the first year it will cost $2,750 for the energy and initial purchase of 40 LED tubes. However, conventional fluorescent lights would cost $1,056. Every year thereafter, the energy costs of LED tube lights will be $235, while $465 for the fluorescent lights. In the eighth year, the fluorescent bulbs will need to be replaced at a cost of $240.

At last, you will find a little different in the numbers. That’s because we have included an annual energy inflation rate of 4%. We also used a 1.5% inflation rate to calculate the cost of LED tube lights in the eighth year. Therefore, we only used a 5% discount rate to determine the net present value.

Why We Use Ceiling Light Tubes in Our Family

One great advantage of these ceiling light tubes is that there is now a wide range of shapes and styles available. Although they may not be as bright as Halogen lamps, they are quite useable and available in a range of color temperatures. Prices have also come down significantly over the years and they now offer excellent value for money.

LED Ceiling Light

The key factor to choosing high performance ceiling light tubes is to check the light output and efficiency rating – an 10w “A” rated lamp will give more light that an 10w “B” rated lamp. All lamps should carry an energy rating on the packaging.

As ceiling light tubes contain a small amount of mercury vapor, facilities are becoming available at many local recycling and disposal sites to handle them correctly. However, LED ceiling light tubes are not affected by this issue.

The truth is that very few low energy ceiling light tubes work with dimmers. There are a few becoming available but they are expensive and relatively bulky. You can use a low energy lamp with a dimmer switch, but you must keep the dimmer switch in its maximum position.
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