T8 LED Tubes


AGICO supplies T8 LED tubes. T8 LED tubes have three series for your choices, such as T8-H LED Tube Light, T8-EH LED Tube Light and T8-IH LED Tube Light. The lifespan of LED tube T8 can reach 50,000 hours and LED Tube Price is so reasonable in the market.

T8 LED tubes have more advantages than the conventional incandescent lights. Firstly, there are no filaments in them, so they will not burn out. The lifespan of the T8 LED tubes can reach 50,000 hours. secondly, their small plastic structure makes them a lot more durable. The main advantage is high efficiency. their beam angle can reach 120 degree and the CRI is above 75. The conventional incandescent bulbs generating a lot of heat during the light-production process, so they will waste lot of energy. T8 LED tubes generate very little heat, because much higher percentage of the electrical power is going directly to generating light. T8 LED tubes do not contain mercury.

The T8 LED Tubes can be applied widely, they are ideal for Shopping malls, Exhibition Gallery, Library, closet, likewise, the T10 LED Tubes work well in boats, buses, trains, cabinet, etc.

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