GC-T10-N01 LED Fluorescent Tube

  • Model: GC-T10-N01
  • Voltage: 85-265V
  • Power: 18W
  • Color: R/G/B/W/M
  • Size: 32*1200MM
  • Lifespan: 50000H
  • Waterproof Grade: IP20

The T10 LED fluorescent tube has long lifespan with its nice heat sink, high brightness, high reliability, nice performance, no interference and no radiation. T10 LED tube can save more than 50% of power consumption comparing with conventional lights of the same illumination.

The heat sink of T10 LED fluorescent tube is well designed. It exists micro-slit made with one-step molding technology through which the heat can be easily taken away by airflow. The innovative design of T10 LED fluorescent tube was accomplished jointly by Chinese mainland experts after a year of hard work. T10 LED tube showed the excellent light distribution and luminance. The luminous efficacy can reach more than 80%.

The T10 LED fluorescent tube chips we used are supplied by the renowned companies in order to ensure the quality of our products. As one of China's leading exporter of T10 LED fluorescent tube, we have rich experiences in manufacturing T10 LED tube. LED fluorescent tube lights triumph over fluorescent lights due to their superior light output, lower cost of ownership and safety features. T10 LED tube is a new technology products and it would be the best lighting products in future.

T10 LED fluorescent tube is widely used in offices, hotels, shopping malls, bridges and all other decorative building, with waterproof, color purity, long life, and low energy consumption.

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