The Features of LED Tube Light China

LED tube light china is developed while using recent LED illumination engineering and higher effective LEDs, and it is designed to exchange typical fluorescent tube that is broadly utilized for industrial illumination and residential lighting. What would be the positive aspects of LED tube lights? 
LED tube light China is of high energy efficiency. LED tube light China adopts high efficient LEDs as light source, which can achieve a luminous efficacy of 100 lumens per watt. Therefore it can deliver the same light output as CFLs do while just consume 50% energy as CFLs do, which means by using LED tube lights to replace CFLs you will save over 50% energy bills.
LED tube light China can last over 50,000 hours, which is as ten times as the lifetime of CFLs. LED tube light China is solid state lighting fixtures, so it can last much longer than conventional lighting fixtures. During their lifetime, LED tube light China hardly needs any maintenance, which will greatly save your maintenance costs. Meanwhile, you don’t have to replace bulbs frequently since they can last more than 10 years, and the bulb replacement costs they save for you can be also very considerable.
LED tube light China is green and eco-friendly lighting fixture without any hazardous materials such as mercury and lead. It will not cause any environment pollutions when they are disposed. Unlike CFLs, LED tube lights do not emit IR or UV radiation, and they do no harm to human beings’ health.
LED overall performance largely is dependent for the ambient temperatures on the working environment. Over-driving the LED in substantial ambient temperatures may possibly end result in overheating on the LED package, at some point primary to equipment failure.



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