The Factor of Utilizing T10 LED Tube

T10 LED tube is much more expensive than compact fluorescent bulbs, but it can last three to five times longer. It also utilizes less energy than incandescent bulbs and stays cooler to the touch. T10 LED tube will emit light when electrons pass through a small chip made of semiconducting materials. The resulting heat is captured inside a sink at the light base rather than being emitted as in other bulbs.

Multi-colored T10 LED tube lights are generally utilized for very low lighting needs such as power and status lights for lighting equipment, such as they can be used in office, school, supermarket, and tunnel lights. They are also popular as Christmas lights in the world.

Unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, which emit their light in all directions, T10 LED tube points their light in one direction and work ideal in spotlight-style fixtures like recessed down lights and under-cabinet lighting.

The high-power T10 LED tube will last nearly 50,000 hours, which is three to five times longer than a compact fluorescent bulb. Therefore, if you are interested in our T10 LED tube lights products, please contact us.

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