The New Features and Application of T8 LED Light Tube

T8 LED light Tube is definitely a perfect alternative for conventional T8 fluorescent tube. It has many advantages, such as high quality and stability, high brightness and long lifespan. With patented technologies of thermal controlling and distinctive unique aluminum spend, T8 LED light tubes offer much better warmth dissipation. In addition, the unique style promises high stability.

T8 LED light Tube switches into high quality SMD LEDs. In the identical lighting efficiency, T8 LED light tube only consumes 20W despite the fact that conventional T8 fluorescent tube consumes 40W. In comparison the conventional ones, T8 LED light tube has apparent energy saving function.

With Magical dedicated mounting brackets, T8 LED Tube can also be used as cove lighting. Its simple design enables rotation and adjustment. It's suitable for different applications. The spacing between T8 LED cove lights have been minimized to 3cm, which provide smooth and natural color.

T8 LED light tube is gradually replacing traditional lighting fixture. Widely used in office, supermarket, bus stop, warehouse, counter, etc., it works as general lighting, operation lighting and exhibit lighting.

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