Powerful Energy Efficient LED Light Tube

With the development of the energy efficient LED light tube technology, the LED light tubes are insinuating into our everyday lives.

This is the lighting principle of energy efficient LED light tube, and it is basically comprised of two plates, a positively charged plate and a negatively charged plate. When the current is passed through the LED, the positive charge is drawn to the positively charged plate and the same for the negative charge. When the charges reach a high enough level, the electrons in the plates are ousted by the current passing through. As the electrons from the two plates combine they produce light energy in the form of photons. Photons are produced when electrons have too much energy. This energy is released as light, and this is referred to as electroluminescence.

Nowadays, there are more and more energy efficient LED light tube manufactures in the world, and AGICO is one of the most famous supplier and manufacturer in China. It manufactures LED light tubes to exact specifications and has the largest selection of colors to choose from such as red, blue, green, amber, white and purple. The energy efficient LED light tube of AGICO comes ready to install in most cases and offers the lowest prices and fast shipping from China.

Because of our innovation, high quality and good services, The energy efficient LED light tubes of AGICO have been sold all around the world, especially to Americas and Europe. What is more, they will keep pace with the world, striving to design & develop environmental-friendly and humanized products and offer more effective services. As prices keep going down, the popularity of energy efficient LED light tubes utilized in domestic situations is bound to grow in future.

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