The Junction Temperature of LED Fluorescent Tube Lights

LED fluorescent tube lights have fever problem because of the added energy is not completely converted to light energy, but part of the conversion is heat. At present, only the LED luminous efficiency can reach 100lm / W.

Specifically, the junction temperature of LED fluorescent tube lights is due to two factors caused. Firstly, internal quantum efficiency is not high, when the electron is whole recombination, they often referred to as the "leakage current" leaving the PN area carrier compound rate. Leakage current multiplied by voltage is this part of the power, which is converted into heat. Secondly, all internally generated photons of LED fluorescent tube lights can't be external to the chip shot into the final heat, which is the main part, most of them converted to heat up.

Because of LED junction temperature, all the LED fluorescent tube lights should be working on the right temperature, and we should use constant current driver better.

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